Tube amp DIY general discussion

A new thread for general DIY discusion, impressions and thoughs.

A few ground rules:

  • 99% of the time there is no right way to achieve a certain goal
  • comparing schematics, builds and components idealy should be from personal experience
  • IMO(in my opinion) should be the default position and everyone can make up their own mind. For example, IMO the last 300B filter caps in the WA5 are cheap generic electrolitics and have no place for such a price point. Common sense would dictate this is the place for the best quality cap.

A separate chassies in theorey sounds great, in practice the ombilical cable is a royal pain, was shoked when I found quality connectors are over $100, including a quality cable or even worse a dual solution for high and low voltage the price skyrockts.

That’s what I’ve done for the prototype of my DIY amp, an open separate PSU I can easitly work on.

Now to go with the recommended solution for an ultimate tube amp, separate heater transformer per tube with a choke, a well filtered split power supply decoupled per channel, a dual PSU chassies might be needed.

Once I got all the parts for the upgraded PSU I realised there’s no way I can put everything in a single unit. To the above photo I have to cram this: 16 transformers total. The price for a no compromise build


Good stuff. Theory vs practice. No compromises for the ultimate. There are some pursuits that make sense for DIY and one’s own enjoyment, but may not from a commercial/business perspective. Looking forward to tracking this thread.


Very happy this thread was made. I have been doing research on starting to build my own tube amps. I love that there will be a thread to come back to, to post resources, guides, what I have found, and builds as they are coming along. Glad to have experienced people in DIY tube amps such as @M17XR2B.

Will have this thread saved for sure!