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Hi @ampsandsound how you are having a good weekend.

Can you easily explain how you make so many different impedance outputs on your amps? My Ovation has FIVE! I am digging the 32 ohm out with my 300 ohm Eikons, and I do not really understand the whole impedance matching thing and it seems there is some flexibility with it.

If it doesn’t require a dissertation I think some other of us non-builders would be curious…

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I actually found I really like the 32ohm tap as well from my Mogwai OG as well as the Nautilus with the Verite Open and the Aeolus. So you are in good company buddy!

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Hey guys, sorry for the late reply… I spent yesterday at the zoo with the family.

As a general rule, I think most/many headphones sound really great on the 32ohm tap as consider it a bit of a universal.

The idea behind multiple tapps is to engage the output transformer as directly as possible… no voltage divider networks or other means of adjusting impedances. In general the closest impendence is likely to provide the most efficient energy transfer.

Adjustment of impedance gives the user the ability to find a sound that best suites their gear and ears. Lower impendences generally will yield lower noise floors. Lower impedances should provider greater dampening factor/better control of the woofer.
However, higher impedances can sound more lively and sometimes give more bass output but not as taught.
The relationship between drive, noise floor and liveliness/air is influenced but impedance tapp and the relative voice coil… use your ears to gage your own preferences.

Hope this helps… I always think I give more complete answers when speaking :-).


Let your ears be the guide seems like a reasonable assertion beyond your general assertions about low z to high z tendencies. For what it’s worth, I enjoy my Autuers off the 100 ohm output and HE560 off the 16. I’m still in the honeymoon phase with my Kenzie Ovation so expect more detailed impressions after a few weeks.