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Little teaser (Photo credit to @TylersEclectic )


Dope photo @TylersEclectic and amazing colab!


That is just a naughty looking combination. Can’t wait to hear about it!

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This is my first journey into tube amps and OMG!!!

Thank you so much to Marcello for selling me his amazing Mogwai OG with upgraded Jupiter caps. Marcello is a super cool guy, and his youtube channel and reviews have given me something to look forward to throughout this pandemic. It is because of Marcello’s Live Stream (with Tyler and Elnrik) that I first got interested in tube amps, and it convinced me to save up more money and take the plunge on the Mogwai OG: Headphone Tube Amplifiers under $1000 Live Stream - YouTube

A super thank you to Justin Weber for his patience and for all of the time he spent answering my all of my noobie questions. I know it has been said over and over, but Justin really is one of the nicest guys ever, and anyone who talks with him will instantly understand what I’m talking about. There are good people, there is great customer service, and then there’s Justin. I won’t mention all that he did to help me decide which amp is best for me (he knows), but it was beyond what anyone else would do. Thank you again, Justin. You’ve earned a customer for life.

All I can say is that my music is so ALIVE now. Here’s a list of cliche audiophile adjectives to describe what I’m hearing: three-dimensional, live, sharply defined midrange, separated images, amazing tonality, warm, euphonic, smooth, and rich like butter. I’m in the middle of the music now, and the instruments are floating all around me. I don’t know what else to say…it’s simply like experiencing a beautiful work of art, and that’s just with my 6xx headphones.

I purchased a pair of Verite Closed headphones and they are coming soon. I can’t even imagine how good it will sound. Right now, taking off my 6xx headphones feels like forcing myself out of a warm bed on a cold morning. I’m blown away.

I was really on the fence about getting 32 ohm and 8 ohm taps, but my LCD-X sounds delicious on the 8 ohm tap as the bass is tight and eveything seems more defined than the 32 ohm tap. For anyone with planar headphones, getting the 32 ohm/8 ohm combination is the way to go, and you still have the speaker binding posts as an option too. Justin tells me that efficient speakers with the Mogwai is incredible. This amp is very versatile and seems to have the power to drive everything. You can see that I barely turn the volume knob to about 8 o’clock and it’s already loud enough for me.

This picture is completely unedited. All around the edges of the Tungsol 6L6GC STR tubes, there is a deep blue haze that is amazing to look at while listening to music.



@ampsandsound Hey Justin. Any plans to create something to sit below the Kenzie OG in terms of price?

Love the look and form factor of your amps, just very expensive in Dollaroos (AUD).

Did you get your power conditioner from Walter yet? I’m still on the fence.

Supposed to arrive today actually.

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That looks incredible!

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Awesome. Mogwai OG with upgraded Jupiter caps is quite the splash for a first tube amp. Enjoy.


Found these if anyone’s interested. Not endorsing them as I’ve never used them, but in looking for 90-degree connectors on Amazon, these are the first from “an audiophile company” that I’ve found.

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@ktc I have a few of them. The AQ IEC 90s are handy little plug adapters. Good quality. I have places where I use both the #1 and #2 adapters.