Announcing the *new* HEADPHONE Community Preview Program

Possibly one last question from me about the community preview program. If we have impressions/reviews we’ve written in the past on other sites, can we post them here on the forums and have them count towards the community preview program?


I think the “counting” thing is more about the loaning part, meaning they loan something to you, you send it back in good shape and post impressions if that makes sense. It’s not only about posting impressions or reviews.


Yeah, feel free to repost the text from other reviews impressions in the appropriate threads.

Also if you get a preview program item please do an impression recipe of it as @Titienne mentioned


If there’s ever a Solaris 2020 (or either of the other two new CFA releases) available on a tour open to Canadians I would love to participate.


Same ! :slight_smile:


@TylersEclectic How do we sign up for this Preview Program? Would love to get ears on the great range of products here to get some more reviews up!


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We are demoing a possible replacement to this program now with a select group of members. If it goes well we will look into doing a larger roll out but we will see as we go =)


@jrockwell I would entertain loaning you my Solaris 2020 in exchange for auditioning one of your other IEMs. What do you think?? I’m very interested in auditioning the U12T instead of blind buying this time around (already did so with the Solaris and Valks without any regret). I think you own one? I’m in the US and have no clue how international shipping works so there’s that obstacle lol

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Thanks man…I’ve already got a line on demoing the 2020 in a few weeks…and I don’t have any IEMs on hand right now except the Solaris SE.


Haha, the U12t was mine actually, but I have since sold it. Sorry !


Haha I just reread jrock’s IEMs reviews and caught that! I guess this’ll save me some monies at least for a little while longer.

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So how does one apply for this program? I read the first post, but I may be dense and missed the instructions.

Sorry @Roark we are working on a new solution as this program was not sustainable, nor used very much by the community. We have a test run going with a potential solution for a small group of community members. We will make an announcement about this once solidified as the right path!


Thanks for the update, much appreciated. Look forward to the the new solution when it comes into fruition.


I took part of the loaner program and reviewed the Anandas…I found it hard to communicate with the source to get stuff to review in a timely fashion…for a program to work there has to be a focal point to contact to in a timely fashion, and a well defined procedure on how to apply or ask for stuff, time allowed for the experience etc…

I hope this program would have been more succesful than it was initially and I do understant the Covid interception etc…

All the best, look forward to participating in the future.



Thing is, everything loan / tour related is handled by Taron and/or Andrew directly. As you know, these two have to run a company (customer service, order fulfillement, warranty claims, finance, etc.) and don’t have as much free time as normal people to respond to messages, questions, plan tours/loans, etc.

I agree that there needs to be a better way of communicating and explicit “terms” to a tour / loan though. I believe the Community Preview Program is being revamped very soon and, if I’m not mistaken, @TylersEclectic will be in charge of this.

Anyway, we have to be very grateful for the opportunity to demo / review gear. This is expensive to maintain (having demo units made specifically for tours, pay shipping, risk damaging a unit if people don’t take good care of it, etc.) and takes time to organize correctly.

This is just my two cents.


Agree 1000%…but if your really busy and announce a loaner or community program and its not working well for whatever reason then dont let it linger on the vine…or dont offer it at all until your able to run it well.

I really appreciate the chance to get and evaluate stuff…its not a slap on the wrist of who indeed run a great online business.

I hope RESOLVE or whoever will assist in bringing this to “life” and hope to participate as well!

All the best

Hey @lost33 there is a small test loaner tour that is happening and I think the fact that Taron and Andrew are making it happen with all the craziness in the world right now speaks in volumes to how much they do care about the program and the community. I will let @TylersEclectic speak to it in greater detail, but the program was revamped due to some issues with some past tours, and so far the first tour in its new iteration is going well from what I can tell! So fingers crossed it continues to and leads the way for more participation.


Yes, we are testing the waters on a new program… I’ve mentioned it a couple times now in different threads…

The old program didn’t get taken advantage of by majority of the members, and only the same people really took advantage of it. Plus it was very hard to track all the items that were out and about… the first run of this was very generous and was a rotating massive list of tiered gear.

Future iterations will be limited to 1-3 maybe a maximum of 5 items out on a “Tour”…at any given time with a limited run of people for each run… we will have gatekeeping in place to be a part of different tours but we will try and include as many people as possible.

GateKeeping will probably involve:

  1. Participation and trust level in the forum
  2. what type of gear you have to power demo units
  3. discretion on who participates

Great that this might come back soon!!

I participated but my biggest issue was the communication between “me” the requestor and the source of the stuff…requesting something, and not getting any feedback that the request was in process and a tracking number etc…It took several emails to the “Source” that often went unanswered causing more what is happening etc…

Understand all the reasons etc…but it did cause a lack of “trust” between folks that really wanted to contribute…and the source…

So its great that Darth is going to handle this in the future !! Awesome and I look forward to participating!

Thanks for listening and taking all the comments in a postive light to make this thing really work well!