Any Guitar Players Here?


I have been playing guitar during my mid to late teenage years but stopped when I started working. Well after around 20 years, I started playing again and bought my first Martin. Are there other guitar players here? What guitat do you play?


I play a Takamine EF360SC acoustic. I played bass in a band for years, but now it’s mostly just acoustic with my 2 month old son as the audience


Hi Andrew

That seems a very nice guitar. I did play few Takamines in one of the stores here and I like them especially when plugged in. Besides my Martin D-28, I also have a Seagull S6 spruce which I have passed on to my 15 year old son as I am teaching him how to play as well. I guess your 2 month old son enjoys listening to your music. :grinning:


I own a very basic Johnson acoustic guitar. I learned to play quite a few songs on it in the 8th grade but I’ve been very far out of practice for a very long time. I think I can still play “Wish You Were Here”, which was the first song I was taught, but nothing else sadly.

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Ya, they have great electronics. That was the selling point for me. For straight up acoustic I prefer Martin or Larivee


I started playing just a few years ago. Then I got distracted and am just now picking it up again. I play a Martin acoustic and Gibson electric.

It was a shame to see Gibson file for bankruptcy.


I use an Ovation Legend as my everyday acoustic guitar. (Ya know, those plastic bowl guitars?)

And I use a Fender Tele as my electric.


Wish you were here is one of the songs I would like to learn playing. It is in my to do list. :grinning:


I plan on getting a Les Paul Tribute myself for my first electric. I hope Gibson will recover to be a better company. Their J-45 was one I shortlisted before deciding on the D-28.


When I was learning how to play, my uncle owns an Ovation guitar and it is one of the first guitars I have ever played with. It looks so cool and different. I like the Teles as well except they only have 21 frets AFAIK.

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D-28 = Sweet.


Indeed. I like the size of 000 better but the sound this baby produces is far worth the comfort factor for me.

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I had a Larrivee D-60 that I sold when my tiny human was born (regrets), but I’ve recently bought a nashville tele and started to play again. One g-chord and I fell down a rabbit hole into pickup and electronics upgrades, effects pedals and weird old tube amps.

I had a neunaber immerse (reverb pedal) show up in the mail today-- it made me smile so much my face hurt.


So cool that you had a Larivee. Such great guitars. I’ve wanted one since I was 15.

I haven’t thought about one in a while, but this is reminding me that I want one

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What a coincidence(?) It is strumming the G-chord that made me swap my 000-17 with a D-28. I knew from then on that the D-28 is for me. I have heard many good things about Larrivee but there are no local dealers here so it is a shame that I did managed to try one.

Though I don’t have an electric yet, I have a Line 6 Amplifi FX100 in the mail. It will be here in few days time. What genre of music do you usually play?

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Can confirm; my Tele only has 21 frets.

It’s too bad that Ovation fell out of style. I only found out about them from a friend who is many years older than myself, and by then, Ovation guitars were no longer made in the USA. I went out of my way to obtain my “Ovie” from a dude who hadn’t taken care of it and spent an entire summer cleaning and repairing it. But now that all the hard work is done, the guitar just sings. It’s not only plenty loud, but it’s sooo clear.

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I’ve played some stunning D-28s, you have my envy. I think generally the Larrivee’s are voiced with a little less midrange “punch” (if that makes sense) but for me it just came down to finding that particular guitar.

I used to play more bluegrass, these days it’s more random.

The FX100 looks cool, interested to hear how you like it.

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Oh that’s great. I supposed you have a deeper personal relationship with your Ovation. I hope to play one again one day. You know to relive my first guitar experience. :grinning:


I know guitar can be (should be?) personal. I didn’t think I will like the D-28 when I was shopping for a guitar. I had my eyes set on 000-15M, 000-17E and the Taylor 324ce. I liked all three but then the sunburst paint and size of the 000-17E won me over. But after a couple of weeks, I had the chance to play the J-45 and the D-28 in the store whilst planning to buy a TC Helicon Play Acoustic. And the rest is history as they say… :grin:

I’m sure I will enjoy the FX100. I will keep you updated. Cheers.

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Present!!! After 45 years of fun I still play an acoustic Taylor 310 ce and an Ibanez AS153…