When Do You Know You Gear Acquisition Syndrome?

For me, it was when my son told me you know dad you have a lot of headphones. Then what is that stack for?

When you resort to only bring out two headphones at a time so your kid does not goat you.

I become a repentant man and started thinning the herd Aeon Flow, ELEX, and Ananda were put of for sale.

You name your stack the leaning tower of …

You find excused to even buy small DAC AMP combo

We all know this hobby for fun and enjoyment.

I need some levity today, Now its time for a drink and BBQ on the egg.


Nice (in general, to your entire post).

Enjoy. :tumbler_glass:


Thanks, it has been great to have fellow enablers ; )


You cant take it with you!!

Enjoy the music while you can!!



but I can pass on the passion and gear to my kids


They have a good dad!!!


I hope one day they realize how lucky they are :wink:


You know what they say? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. I’ll send you my address and we’ll see if your ungrateful satan spawn appreciate your collection more when I’m enjoying it.

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Ohh man, you`ve got a fortress in there.

What are your favorite amp and cans, btw?

Cheers. :beers:


Very nice! A great looking stack of stacks.

You prefer neutral, lean and powerful amps and dacs. I like your style!!


Looks like you have the bug for sure!


Oh wow, simply great collection of gear. Colour me envious.


Yes, I also do care and feeding on Guitar Amps, my favorite to play in Benson Earhart, Fender 63’ Super, and a Two-rock Classic Reverb. But I do love older Marshals as well. Which is why I am staying solid-state for headphone amps. With Tubes, you fall down rabbit holes.

Benson Earhart, which close to Zmf Pendant in linage which both are derivatives off Vox AC15

This is old GEM with Harmonic Tremello

Yes, I also love older echo units like Benson and SpaceEcho- I will tell you I have fun with Wet Dry rigs.


Sweet collection! :heart::musical_note::notes::notes:

Nice gear! Plus novelty points for using “goat” as a verb.

Is that a RAD-0 on the left in the 4 headphone array? If so, that’s quite a roster…

In response to the theme of this thread: I’ve been here before. 35 years ago I had a big/bad 2 channel system in my LR (multiple tube amps; large tower speakers w/integrated subs; and a stack of electronics & TT in adjacent room). In those days I’d get a “WTF?” look + eyeroll from people who walked in. My problem was obvious back then, and it fascinated my friends & acquaintences.

But these days all the really good gear is in a small home office which many don’t see. But there are exceptions. A week ago a cousin came over for dinner. I brought him & his wife into the office to look at something on the computer. Their expressions when they saw all the electronics, then slowly realized there are big/bad headphones all over the place…well, it was priceless. I had them listen to the blackwood Aeolus on the V281; they were gobsmacked, had no idea headphones could be that big, beautiful, and good sounding.


It is a RAD-0 holding it own in that line up

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Honestly, I was just trying to have a fun conversation, how we are all dealing with own versions of this affliction ; )

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I made the mistake of not focusing on one branch of technology, but just being a technology enthusiast in general.

As such, I have:

  1. A stash of various PCs or PC parts
  2. Way more tools than reasonable for someone with access to his dads tools
  3. Audio equipment in various forms

I am guilty of constantly nitpicking my gear. I may have a problem that is only hampered by being broke…


We are all blessed, we need to remember that. To be able to interact and share a common love, Music and it interpretation via headphones. I love we geographically dispersed to bring different views and even culture to the thing we love.