Astell and Kern (A&Norma) SR15 Digital Audio Player

Price: $420
Currency: USD
Ships to: Conus

This covers PayPal and Shipping costs. It comes with a screen protector already applied, and a leather case that props up the player. Also, a balanced 2.5mm to XLR cable will be included. All original accessories included and original box. Not included: Micro SD card. The Player has been reset to the factory. I’ll try and add pictures here soon. I’ve been meaning to sell this since I got my Cayin N6ii but, not a fan of selling online hence it sitting in my audio cabinet packed up for a couple of months.

Some posts with pictures and me using the Norma :wink:


That’s a good price! :drooling_face::deciduous_tree::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Lol…I kind of did it on purpose even though I’m a little late posting it ha!


That is “to good to be true” pricing

if it wasn’t yours… probably would ask me, if this is a scam