ASUS ROG 5 Phone w/ ES9280AC DAC

So, I watched MKBHD and LTT’s coverage of the new ASUS ROG 5 Phone lineup and it seems that this phone has a dedicated ES9280AC, and according to The Verge’s coverage, it has a quad ES9280AC DAC implementation.

This makes me cautiously optimistic about getting decent sound quality out of a phone again.

(Note: I haven’t listened to the LG lineup in years so take this excitement with a grain of salt.)

Do people really buy Asus phones, especially at prices like $1,580 for higher trim ones?

I am keeping my LG G8 phone ForEver for its Sabre Quad DAC and wired headphone jack :sweat_smile:

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people spend :poop: loads of money on audio equipment too… :man_shrugging:t5: it’s all relative, I guess.

I still love the V30/35… only downside for me on it was battery life. Mine fell out of my backpack and cracked all to hell, so waiting for a reasonable sale to get back to one. Sadly, LG maybe out of the phone game soon.


If ASUS managed to have a decent implementation on paper ngl. This gonna be the new meme :'D

ASUS ROG 5 end game phone lets go

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