Audeze LCD-5 - Official Thread

KMann has stated they sent them to Roon a while ago. Up to Roon to implement in a release. And, according to him the Reveal and Roon filters are the same.

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Sounds good, thanks.

Here’s an updated measurement of the LCD-5, measured with a slightly different coupling/clamp to try and get the best seal possible (you can see it’s a bit cleaner in the bass on this one). The rest looks fairly similar for the most part but there is still some variation from the seatings in the treble.

Currently running this EQ with it, but as always guys, dial this stuff in by ear, at least above 5khz. That’s the only way to know it’s right. But as a starting point, here’s how I’m enjoying it right now.


Have you ever applied the Audeze Reveal+ EQs to their headphones and then re-measured for giggles to see exactly what they do? Just curious.

Not for this headphone, but I’ve use the reveal+ presets on other ones to see.

Would be interesting to see what the measurements look like after your EQ.

I applied your EQ to crin’s Graph Tool and this what it looks like.

From this graph it would seems you like a really relaxed upper mids/ trebble? Anti-shouty type of tuning.

Is this your preference or is this because you are being more on the cautious side of things when EQ’ing?

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I wouldn’t call that “really relaxed” at all - it’s actually probably closer to Audeze’s target curve. Also, you have to re-normalize (level match the curves) after you do the EQ, so the EQ’d version would be a decibel higher if you match at 500Hz (I think that’s the industry standard); if you level match at 1000Hz, it would be even closer in the upper mids. For some reason, Crin’s graphing tool isn’t allow the EQ’d curve to be normalized with the original measurement curve…weird.

For what it’s worth, Harman is too shouty in the upper mids for me, so that EQ would be right up my alley. With that said, our personal HRTF might not agree with this EQ, which is why you have to dial things in by ear once you’ve created an EQ curve.


I tried it with the LCD-X 2021 and think it made a noticeable improvement to the upper mids and lower treble, but I would love to see the actual FR changes it made; I’m going to do some comparing to my own EQ curve today to see which I like better.

Regarding the LCD-5, I’m going to recommend my buddy tries it with his, and then compares it to your most recent EQ; I think he’ll be happy with both provided the Reveal+ curve brings the upper mids down a bit.

Edit: it seems there’s no Reveal+ option for the LCD-5, at least not yet. Shoot!

Last time I checked Audeze have no Reveal EQ for the LCD-5 yet.
Or am I wrong? I use roon to check this.

Not sure what you mean by this?
When I EQ I lower the gain so it doesnt clip.

Well shoot, you’re right - I just loaded Reveal+ and the LCD-5 is not in the headphone list. Bummer.

Regarding normalization, I meant with the FR graphs. After entering Resolve’s EQ presets, I recommended re-normalizing the graphs in Crin’s Graph tool so that they both level match at 500 Hz or 1000 Hz (see below). Unfortunately it seems that feature isn’t working correctly within the tool, but if it did work, it would better align the two FR plots and the “recessed mids” wouldn’t appear as pronounced in the EQ’d FR plot.

I can use this feature and it seems to work for me.
It does change something but still looks upper mid/treble shy to me.

Yeah, it’s normalizing to the target (Crin’s dashed line), but it’s not normalizing the LCD-5 FR with the EQ’d LCD-5 FR. Regardless, bringing down the upper mids likely balances out the darkness in the treble between 5 and 9 KHz. Give it a listen and see what you think!

Uhhm, actually there might be a difference in the shelving Q value, I’m not sure. Because the measured result had slightly more treble above 4khz. But generally yes, I prefer it not as shouty. You can do that either by reducing the upper mids or boosting the lower to mid treble.

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It’s not in Roon but I provided it earlier in post 795. Just point convolution to the extracted zip file in convolution settings.

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That’s just comparing it to that dotted target curve. Which to me, would be shouty and fatiguing as fuck.

personally I sold my lcd-5 and bought a mint condition year old lcd-4…I am much happier…

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Your neck isn’t hahaha

What about the headband? Are you testing the less clampy one and comparing yet?

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Not yet. Still the clampy one.

doesnt bother my neck one bit since I sit in one position with my head supported…also the new pads are quite comfortable

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