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Yeah it really matters which rig this is from - and even which ear, whether it’s the KB5000 or the KB0065.

GRAS 43AG, GRAS45CA produce comparable results, but only if they’re using the same pinnae. For other 711 stuff, like B&K, it’s comparable up to a point, but still looks different in the treble. For the 5128, that’s not comparable to these.


i didn’t notice that 8k peak at first. it definitely looks different to your measurement then.

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Just to go back to the LCD-R for a bit. These are pretty far and away my favorite can (and I have every TOTL but 1266 & raal curently). Something about the funk it puts on stuff just makes it truly my subjective preference even when its lacking in technical ability compared to other.

I’ve also had susvara for a while now and tbh, I’m not all that enamored with it (running Su-2 KTE → Sagra → 13R) despite the astonishing technicalities as I dont ever find myself truly getting into the music and enjoying it. I had a similar issues with arya and just moved on but the technicalities of susvara as so mind blowing I wanted to try a bit more to make them work. This lead me to delving into EQ.

I got resolves EQ profile for LCD-R up and running on roon to see if maybe my prefrence for the R is pure and simple FR tuning. Well, turns out its not. I think I may prefer the Rs with a slightly different EQ than resolves (one that doesnt being the mids quite as far down) but holy hell are the LCD-R still just far and away the most enjoyable headphones I’ve ever owned. I am still going to try some more stuff for sus (for example I use LCD-R off of a WA8 that simply wont run sus and the 13R wont run LCD-R, so I want to try an amp that will run both so I can actually compare directly), but something about these cans that transcends FR and stage presentation just gives me a lot of what I’m looking for tbh. I realy do wish I could pin down what exactly makes me love them so much but so far Ive got nothing truly conclusive


The LCD-R is also the prettiest Audeze, IMO. Beautiful.

I spoke to Jeff Zhu from Holo Audio and he mentions the upcoming Bliss supporting the LCD-R. To quote:

Bliss will have a mode that should be able to drive LCD-R well. But I need to one for test.

I’m not willing to part with my LCD-R so not going to send it in for him to test, sorry.


Agree, it is the prettiest of them to me too.

Has Jeff reached out to Audeze? I’m guessing they’d be willing to work with him on getting one to try it out with.

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At one point I owned 2 pairs of LCD-R. Wish I kept both since they looked drastically different.

That being said, the paler looking one is outstanding looking and extremely rare, so kept those in the end.


I got the chance to try one on a different amp and I felt there were much better options than the Jot A out there. Huge disclaimer that these are super low impedance and should only be run off amps that can handle super low impedances such as dedicated current-drive amps from RAAL, etc.
Obviously not too many folks will get to hear that combo, but just my two cents.


is that the combo you heard specificaly? FWIW some other amps that are signed off by the manufacturers as stable with the LCD-R are

  • Chord TT2 Rear XLRs
  • Woo WA33/22/8/5
  • Riviera AIC-10
  • Analogue Squared Paper TUR-08 (though the designer feels it wont sound good despite being stable)
  • Pass Labs F7
  • Raal HSA-1B Ribbon Port (may need anti-hiss adaptor depending on revision)

Known Unstable combos

  • Bakoon 13R/Enleum 23R
  • Front output of TT2
  • Any output of Hugo2
  • Any output of Dave
  • Cayin C9
  • Masskobo 428
  • Bakoon HPA-21 & 01M
  • Any/all Eddie Current amps (though he will work with you to get a transformer that can do it for a fair cost)
  • Raal HSA-1B standard port
  • Raal PDA-1a
  • Nothing Traformatic

Ones I think I was told work but cant find the confirmation in my email from when I asked (so double check before you try):

  • Viva Egoista 845
  • The rest of the pass lab amp lineup
  • Firstwatt J2
  • Oji Special BDI-DC44B2 -G Tuned Ⅱ
  • MassKobo 394II
  • Auris Nirvana

What amp did you try the LCD-R on?

Inspired by the Creation of the FocalMan Elegidara, I decided to mod my Stellia swapping it for an Audeze headband:

Now waiting on larger ear pads from Kennerton to complete the transformation.


The Focaleze LCDellia-1 ?


heh, FocalEze StelliaCD.

Rings disassembled and cleaned, ready for pad swapping.


If I was blind, I would probably appreciate it more.


I believe it was the HSA-1B Ribbon Port, and also a transformer box through a speaker amp, can’t recall which one. It was at a friend’s house, I just remember it sounding much higher resolution to my ears through that setup than the Jot A on hand.

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So cool! How hard was this mod to do? This could make Focal headphones actually fit my head.

Not that hard at all, the hardest part was disassembling the Focal headband - had to try take out the screws without doing much damage to the shiny mocha / cognac yoke with the Stellias, was really tight. Also needed a bit of drilling of the Audeze yokes, one size up.

Given I’ve seen others swap out HIFIMAN headbands to ZMF, I’m sure it could fit that too.


Stellia was that uncomfortable? I felt they were pretty good…

Yeah, a little, don’t have a perfectly round head, in fact a little flat top. Also the squeaky Focal headband. The Audeze headbands also allows swiveling sideways.

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Went ahead and swapped the leather-free ear pads on the LCD-R:


Rear view - Left are the leather-free’s and right are the real leathers.

Front view - Left are the real leathers and right are the leather-free’s.

The leathers seem a little thicker, maybe cause they’re new? But they do seem to compress less so helps with preventing my ears from touching the fazors (which seems to happen when the cups are off center, not as bad as others).


Similar experience with compression. An LCD-X loaner I’ve tried with the 2021 pleathers had issues with the fazors touching my ears but my personal 2F wearing 2021 leathers does not have that issue