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How do you like the 2F with the new style pads?

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My lcd3 pre fazor is modded. I removed the dampening in front of the driver, and added a few different types of dampening to the rear. I truly think it resolves as much as other $2k plus headphones. I have heard the lcd5 and think it would be a waste of money personally. As long as these old drivers do not give up. I am not buying another headphone in that price range unless it performs at a way higher level. I think Audeze is catching on and sealing the rear of lcd5, so tinkerers can’t change the rear dampening… If you find one I recommend modding it. The timbre does not disappoint either and I love Sennheiser.

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Found this - Why We Use Adhesive to Attach Earpads on our Upper-end Headphone Models

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So after testing the main line
LCD 2 classic

My taste is for 2 and 3. Are those I didn’t list inline with 2 and 3?

I tried, and failed, to review the LCD-2 closed back. was kind enough to send me a pair. I tried and tried, but disliked them very much, finally making an awful hash of review, and getting banned from any future review tours in the process. I found that the only music that sounded good on them was Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells.


Hi. I just received my new pair of LCD-5s and like the sound very much. There is an issue with this particular pair of headphones that maybe someone can assist me with:

The up and down detent mechanism on the right ear cup is very loose and does not hold the setting. I can pick up the headphones by the headband and the right earcup falls to it’s lowest position via gravity alone. Is there anything I can do to correct this or do the phones have to go back?


There is a small hole in the part that holds the headband and rod. Use a small Allen key and turn clockwise a couple turns.

This will tension up that whole mechanism.


Thank goodness for people like you! I appreciate it very much! Inside the hole I found a 2mm equivalent hex head screw that when turned about a half a turn CW did the trick.

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If you were offered the
LCD-2 (current 2020 regular fazor one)
or the
LCD-X (current 2021 one)
and you could eq them to your heart’s desire
(or they’re eq’d to have the same frequency response)
which would you take?
what are their differences?
(other than tonality due to frequency response)
are the differences big?

I’d take the 2021 X. Better clarity/detail retrieval and better separation of instruments. Imaging is a little more precise to my ears as well. I felt the soundstage width was a wash.

I know you said forget about tonality, but with the 2021 X having better tonality, you won’t have to boost as much using EQ, therefore there should be more headroom for the amplifier.


Totally the X. The differences are pretty apparent, especially in imaging and detail, and this is all after EQ correction.


Our latest YT video and first look of the Audeze Euclid In-Ear is live!

We also announced with the support of Audeze we will be giving away one Euclid to one lucky winner! The Contest link is in the video description. Good luck!


So, I have been working on a small meet here in Pittsburgh and Audeze are helping out. We are going to have the LCD-2 Classic, LCD-X, LCD-3, as well as the new MM-500 and Audeze just confirmed that they are sending the CRBN electrostatic!

Details can be found here:


Crinacle’s recent Audeze factor tour allowed him access to and measure the LCD-R: