Audio Rack floor standing system with cable managment system?

Looking for a floor standing audio component rack system, ideally to hold my Audio Technica usb120 Turntable on top, a shelf to accommodate my 12.9 “ IPad Pro, a shelf to accommodate the LYR 3 and Bifrost 2 stack, and a larger shelf at the base with sides to hold my Vinyl up to at-least 100 records.

My price range is: $150-$300

I will be using this setup for my second listening station I am putting together.

Anyone have any ideas? I should add the surface it will be placed on is a hardwood floor.

I found this:

Zero experience with this company. No cable managment built into it and I don’t love how the unit has spikes and only small circular feet to place under the spikes, this leaves me feeling a little uneasy, but this is the general concept. Any other ideas or thoughts?


Hi Marcello, @MRphotography

Do you know any carpenters? As this would be an option, you would be able to custom design the type of “rack” you would want down to the exact dimensions you would like to use, also you would be able to have a form of cable management. As you could do this a few different ways. However this might be at the high end of your budget or surpassing it.

It would even give you the option of deciding what type of wood to use and the stain on said wood (within reason of course) But would definitely be worth checking out IMO, if you don’t know any carpenters, I would check for reputable cabinet making shops.

My father is a carpenter and has made me a basic (as I wanted very basic) cabinet to put my gaming equipment in. It has adjustable shelves and the exact dimensions I needed at the time.

As a very basic example of cable management look at the pictures below


That’s a tall order seeing you have TT that needs complete stability - vibration resistant… A cable management system adds to the cost as well. For cable management I’m slowly adding Velcro cloth ties and strapping them up …

Here are some pointers from Caelin Gabriel, President of Shunyata Research

Complex audio/video systems that have multiple dedicated power lines and large distances between components have different requirements.

  1. Never run power cables and signal cables together. Do not parallel them to one another even for relatively short distances. Do not cable tie them together.

  2. Do not run speaker cables together with interconnects.

  3. Do not run digital cables parallel to ANY other cable. Do not let a digital cable directly touch another. Just an inch or two of spacing is sufficient.

  4. Do not allow a power cord to touch the speaker’s terminals even when it is running at perpendicular angles to the speaker cable.

You may group interconnects together if necessary if they are good shielded cables but it is not optimal for performance. Keep them separate from power cords and digital cables.

This is how I prefer to manage system cables. I let the power cables have the ground level. So let the power cables drop down and then along the floor to the power conditioner or wall outlet. You may run the power cables parallel to one another between the racks and the wall. Then keep the interconnects relatively short and do not let them droop down towards the power cord level. Run them directly up or across between components. When they intersect a power cord be sure to cross them at perpendicular angles.

Make sure the speaker cables cross at perpendicular angles to any power cords or interconnects.

If your power cords or speaker cables are too long do not coil them up. This creates an inductor that radically increases the inductance of the cable. To take up excess length run the cable back and forth in a figure 8 pattern. It is best to shorten the cables to reasonable lengths. Most power cables will sound worse if the length is much shorter than about 1.5 meters. Many people also report that very short speaker cables sound worse but I have not noticed this. But systems vary.

If you are looking for the absolute best performance then be sure to decouple the power cables and speaker from the floor.

My progress so far:


Hi: Consider a modular style (stackable) such as the following:

This ‘style’ is by far the best for rigidity, isolation -and sound quality.

About twenty years ago, ‘Lovan’ offered similar/identical racks, so finding
used should help.
This style of stand has proven the finest available -for a (comparable) pittance.

Consider that many of the world’s finest/most expensive racks and you’ll discover
this ‘each-level-indepedant’ (spiked/modular) architecture.



Awesome thank you @alhifi , appreciate it Pj!

Looks awesome! @Audiophile , Thank you Joe!

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I don’t know any good carpenters @jb77 , but this is a great idea! Thank you Jeremy!

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So far this is the best option if I can just change out the feet :foot: the reason is it has the side walls for the records on the bottom.

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This one is kinda cool too…

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Indeed; there is ‘cable etiquette’ -and then there’s ‘Cable Etiquette’ !

Thanks for sharing. It’s an important reminder to keep things functionally organized/ arranged.