Audio Technica ATH-WB2022

TOTL Wireless Headphones:

“Equipped with an independent DAC and operational amplifier, the headphones support up to 24-bit/96 kHz high-resolution sound sources with both wireless and USB digital connections.”

$2,700 Wireless Headphones

Audio Technica - New Wireless Headphones

Interesting, but no ANC?

If I recall, both the DSR7BT and DSR9BT did not have ANC either. I guess if you don’t have the tech money to compete with Apple, Sony and Bose why not just concentrate on the thing you’re good at which is great sound?

On a side note, Audio-Technica’s naming conventions really roll off the tongue!


I know it’s a silly question.
Could the ATH-WB2022 match the Denon D9200 + Gryphon xdsd, sound quality ?!
What do you think, guys?
Thank you in advance