Bass Head/Percussion music

This track is…just turn up the volume and if you can’t get pumped listening to it… may your savior of choice protect you :wink: Especially when the brass kicks off…

This is just cool percussion, and is a great test song

and melt your brain bass


I am not much of a bass head but can listen to most music. I will give these a listen. I haven’t heard much percussion music but it sounds an interesting genre.


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/Rhetorical: I use music libraries for production music so the nature of the MacLeod piece immediately caught my attention. Occurring to me while listening, I wonder how the licensing for production music on these streaming services work. I guess one should sample the piece ‘streaming’ then go to … where … to license a needle drop? Hmmm.

Strange venue for production music. Zimmer I get; he has an audience beyond small market producers and editors.
/end Rhetorical

Thanks for the tracks. Loving the ‘War’ piece. ( And morning ‘food for thought’ )

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Nice selection. I’m not much into percussion music, but I can appreciate the subtleties of that genre.

Not sure if these tracks entirely qualify but they are some very fun bassy tracks

Lots going on with this song. Very fun to listen to with good speakers and headphones.

This song is so much fun with headphones that have good bass response while still maintaining separation. Found it a little muddy with the Cascade but great with the Atlas!

Love this movie and its soundtrack. Around the 2 minute mark where everything picks up is great.

Although Bubbles is definitely his most famous track, I really like this track. If you’ve ever heard a Yosi Horikawa track you should know what you are in for.