Listen to This!

A long time ago I bought a CD to test my 2 channel rig…

It is The Sheffield Drum & Track Record. Jim Keltner and several others play drum segments that will absolutely tear you stuff apart or it seems so…

Most of the tracks are explosive, but Jim’s is an absolute dynamite track…use it to see if your headphones can handle this stuff…drum whacks like WOW…

I dont know if this is still avaibable, but today I cranked up the clears and used my lowly Schitt Magni 3 (the old one) and was FLOORED at how well this combination worked !!!

OMG good…

Scary good!

Try it you’ll like it, but CRANK it up if you dare!!



NOTE: didnt post in the music thread because its not really the normal music we listen to…


Available on Qobuz btw!


Really? That’s super cool! I will search it.


Sheffield Lab music group has been around for a long time…and made several direct to disc masters…recording with some of the best session musicians…live to the disc.

Lots of vinyl stuff and then CD stuff…kind of like a MFCD and Telarc thing…

When CD’s first came out these guys mucked with trying to produce the best audiophile quality CDs and vinyl…they really did a great job IMO.



set a bookmark for this evening - hope my ears won´t start bleeding


Thanks for reminding me of Sheffield. I loved their direct to discs back in the 70’s and just found one of my favourite tracks, Thelma Houston’ I’ve go the music in me, streaming.


Welcome Tim !! Thelma Houston !!! I had a direct pressed disc I wore out !!! Vinyl that is :grin:

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Available on Tidal

Sounds fantastic on the Adv-Sound Furai :slight_smile:

Thank you for recommending @lost33

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At first Jim Keltner demo track starts out very quiet…and over towards the middle and end parts, I think when you crank the volume up is a GREAT test for any headphone in this area of music…gosh at times you think something is going to break here!!!


Sometimes when we listen we want things to be tonally accurate and balanced and just nice and smooth and syrupy…(enoough adjectives? :>)…

Then when experience somone in real life hit a drum like this, it takes you aback…the fast stattaco rifle shot rimshots…and the bright trebly metallic sounds at high volumes…

This track is definelty not light jazz or X-mas carol stuff for sure…

Its awesome to me!



BRB, gonna go listen right now.