Benchmark AHB2 (silver) + extras to set you up fully

Price: 2750
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS


I am planning to sell off my Susvara oriented setup. Please take a look at my write up to see what is included (and also will appreciate if you just read it anyway): Benchmark AHB2 - the power amplifier for your headphone (and a guide/walkthrough)

I am listing what you will get:

  1. A mint like-new Benchmark AHB2 (bought in August, 2021 directly from Benchmark Media) - invoice below with all required warranty etc. (Retails for $3000)
  2. The 4-pole SpeakON to female XLR silver cable made by the amazing Skedra (paid around $500) for this. There’s a picture of this in the link above.
  3. Silver dragon banana connectors to female 4-pin XLR from Moon Audio (Retails for $270)

Will ship in the same double boxing the way it came from Benchmark with manual and everything. Will ship to CONUS only and fully insured UPS shipping on me. But my price is totally firm - PP fees and shipping on me (we can do $2650 if we do F&F - please see my feedback on headfi for self assurance). I don’t want to sell it on some levels. Btw. I have never heard anything better synergize with the Susvara and TC than this among stuff I have tried. I will ship 2-day air shipping so please know that I will spend close to $200 just in shipping safely to you.

Reason for selling: Trying to fund a Ferrum OOR+H and lower the electricity bill.



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