Beyerdynamic DT 880 $160 at Massdrop

the DT 880’s in either the 250 or 600 ohm version, comes with case. Not the “Pro”. These will usually run in the $199 range, so at $160 it’s a good buy. Plus Massdrop is also offering a $10 coupon, to knock the price down to $150.


Great headphone at an awesome price, any details on how the Warranty will be handle’d for these units?

I looked a bit deeper and couldn’t find reference to how the warranty is being handled. Perhaps someone who has purchased through Massdrop could give better answer.

Meh, it is a Beyerdynamic and I bought all of my DT 880s Second hand so I imagine if it’s truly new stock being sold most people shouldn’t need to worry

I owned the DT 880 three times over 3 years and every pair was already 2-3 years old. Never had a single issue with any of them!

you’ve had good luck going the used route. The 880’s are really tempting me for the price. The DT 1990’s are my goal but the 880’s are very distracting.

Some (like metal571) actually prefer the 880 over the 1990. I used to own a 1990 and the treble spike is quite severe. I’ve never heard the 880, but looking at the measurements the treble looks elevated but not spiky. It does look like you give up some bass extension though.

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