Beyerdynamic Tygr 300 R Gaming Headphones

Got a chance to spend some time with the Beyerdynamic Tygr 300 R. We were able to buy one from their holiday deals, so this is a brand new unit (fresh pads).

Here are the measurements done on the GRAS 43AG-7 with RA0402 ear sim and KB500x Pinnae:

Channel Matching:

On-head bass response:
I was worried about the upper bass bloat because it doesn’t look like that on Crin’s measurement, so I wanted to double check with the on-head response.

Sure enough, it matches. Maybe Crin’s used worn pads? Not sure why it’s so different.

In any case, the Tygr 300 R has surprisingly decent technical performance - better than the DT 900 Pro X and DT 700 Pro X, and it was immediately noticeable. So I set to fixing some of the tuning issues and ended up only needing to make a few adjustments.

Here’s my EQ (you don’t need to input null values):

Mainly it’s a matter of fixing the upper bass bleed and adding a sub-bass shelf, then reducing the treble and the 5.5khz peak.

Here it is after EQ - much better:


  • One of the most comfortable Beyerdynamic headphones I’ve come across, the clamp is way more easy going, while still getting good coupling.
  • It’s lightweight, and I can wear it all day
  • Single sided non-removable cable. This is bad.
  • The damping material in front of the driver feels different from the DT 900 Pro X, maybe less significant? The driver also appears to be different. Pads also don’t seem to be interchangeable with DT 900 Pro X because they don’t clip in like those do.
  • Detail on these is actually surprisingly good - better than just about all the other beyers I’ve evaluated recently. Not as dull or blunted as the Pro X series, better instrument separation. I’m pleasantly surprised. I’d still put the HD6X* ahead of these when run with a nice amp, but not by as much of a margin as I was expecting.
  • It’s also decent for its macro contrast and punch - not Focal or Fostex level or anything like that but dare I say better than the HD 6X* series.
  • Soundstage and image placement are both solid. It’s not the most spacious sounding like an HD 800 S or anything, but it doesn’t suffer the three blob effect of the HD6X* series. So I can see it being useful for competitive applications.

Without EQ, the Beyerdynamic Tygr 300 R has a somewhat V-shaped sound, that’s a bit bloated between the bass and mids, and a bit much in the treble. But with that said, the measurements show a decent amount of ear gain going on in the upper mids, so you still retain some decent clarity for the mids. And then importantly, while this headphone is a bit sibilant, and it definitely has too much 5.5khz going on, the rest of the treble harmonics are generally balanced out with one another. So it might look a bit intense, but it’s just slightly forward for the rest of the treble.

So, as a gaming headphone, I don’t have too many issues with the Tygr 300 R, but for music I’d definitely dive into EQ to improve it a bit. I think another way to look at this would be to consider it a more ‘V-shaped’ DT 880 in a sense, since the DT 880 has a similar peaky treble response, just not as intense on the TYGR. But hey, maybe these pads will wear in over time and achieve an even better result… maybe I’ll measure again in 6 months.

Here’s the review:


First post here, signed up explicitly to thank you for this review and EQ!

I got a pair or 300Rs thanks to DMS review and while finding them fun, they always sounded a bit off and I never considered them for “serious” listening .

Now I can enjoy them more, thanks @Resolve !

The difference between this and Crin’s measurement in bass is striking. Curious what’s going on at Beyer, because this looks as some kind of a planned change, not a fluke.
I don’t understand the idea behind that. Is that an attempt to separate different markets by different sound signatures - are they avoiding internal competition with their pro/audiophile series, 880 for instance?

Also, looking forward to see the measurement without that front dampening. I once removed two-layered foam on my DT770 250Om, which made them punchier, boosted highs and high mids, kind of felt as added details, with a sacrifice of a very tiring, ringing sound.

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Yeah I asked Crin if he could get a new one in to confirm, I think he’s looking into it.

At the moment, bass on our unit matches that of what these guys got:

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It’s interesting but over on other threads the 300r was compared quite a bit to the HD Zeus (step up) as far as sound sig. In fact that is the direct route I went when I wanted to get more serious into audio. The Zeus was a fun sound but close enough to the TYGR in gaming still that kept that energy going. Again, I know the Zeus is double the price, but was a good next step.

Great review by the way @Resolve - I think the approach was spot on in it’s use case. A great HP that I keep in my collection for sure for the price. Also the Fox Mic is actually very good and doesn’t get enough praise imo. It was such a nice total package upgrade going from a “gaming headset” to the Team TYGR bundle along with a Schiit Magni/Modi!

Resolve you never posted your measurements of Tygr 300 R without the filter :stuck_out_tongue: I was waiting to see those to help me a little bit haha. If you ever get around to it, you should also try measuring with a coffee filter :smiley:

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Yeah I still need to do that, it’s on the radar for some point.