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Just got the Blon BL30’s today. This headphone sounds awesome! I’d say at 100$ this is the best sounding headphone in the range. I like it better than some of my 200-300$ headphones. What Blon did in cheap IEMs their doing again in headphones.

Bassy, treble not harsh or sibilant at all, but clear. It has that big driver sound like the Arya. not as good of course. But I dont know what other dynamic headphone I could get that from besides expensive Sony headphones. The 70mm drivers are delivering that very well. great separation. Great dynamics. Good detail for a headphone this cheap. Very pleasing balanced frequency response. This headphone just sounds great.

Blon also set this headphone with 150ohms impedance. So should work fine with OTL tube amps.

I really like the build too on the Blon BL30. Feels like all metal and the cups move every which way. It feels simple but very functional. Not much clamp at all. Pads nice and soft, not very firm. You can get a nice looking copper contrast in the gold edition.

Again Blon goes cryptic with WGZ BLON 2014 printed on the cups.

I bought it on Linsoul but for a week nothing happened. I had to email Linsoul to get them to send it. Once they did it took 10 days to get to me from China.

remove the pads:

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I cant find anyway to remove these pads. ive tried pulling the pad off, it seems attached. ive tried twisting it, Ive tried pulling the pad as if its on a diaphragm and it wont come off. nothing works. seems its on tight. but i saw the Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews was able to remove them on his video. Unless that was only available on the review copy. I really want to get a look at the driver and the cool looking grill. take a look at this:

I want to get a look at that grill. Anyone able to get the pads off? please post to this thread.

There are 3 round holes on the grill. Is it possible the pads have pins that snap into them? If so you might be able to use a spudger to pop the pad off.

So the other night i was searching for 70mm driver headphones like the Blon B30 and i came across this:

So another company called Cooyin seem to be the ones responsible for the B30. Its the same headphone with Grado like pads. You can see the original inspiration for the headphone. very Grado like.

I checked the web and they have their own Twitter page but haven’t updated it since October 2019. So I’m wondering if Cooyin maybe went out of business and Blon bought up the headphone stock or got the right to manufacture it. They are after all very nice headphones. you can see in the original ad. they where charging 220$ for them. No wonder they sound like 200-300$ headphones. they originally were!

Smart move on Blons part to change the pads. I never liked the Grado pads. did they do any tuning changes also?

As a matter of fact i wonder where Blon themselves come from? obviously a Asian company. Ive seen them associated with Boss Hifi. If its the same, the Boss company have been selling products in America for a long time. i remember seeing their products way back in the day. but there’s no website for Boss Hifi or Blon :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks to the Cooyin ad we’re able to see some of the tech that went into the drivers:

So is Biofiber the same as Bio-cellulose drivers?

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So i found out how to remove the pads and got a look at the driver and spiffy looking grill. Thing is Blon or Cooyin built this thing so you would never be able to remove the pads. So DONT try to remove the pad the way you do other headphones. you’ll just end up tearing it. I hear the XL Brainwaves pads will fit. Heres how i did it. you’ll need some tools and very strong fingers. Before you start, the tip of the bar that connects them to the headband screws off and you can remove them from the headband. you may want to do that as theres a lot of fiddling that needs to be done.

first you’ll have to cut a slit in the filter inside the pads. i just cut mine completely off. But it stretches pretty good so you just need a slit. Inside there will be 3 screws:

You’ll need a Alan screw driver. just loosen them up. you wont be able to remove them cause of the bolts on the other side. Next use a hook or pry tool to remove the outer grill. it snaps on and off so its no problem.


you’ll see 3 bolts inside:

You can unscrew these by hand. Now separate the grill from the cup. you’ll see the pads are held in place by the screws. theres no pulling this thing off without disassemble:

Pull them out of the screws but its not over. the pads are also attached by the stickiest tape i have ever seen. your gonna need to pull the pads off. gonna require a lot of finger strength but i was able to do it and the pad did not tear. so dont worry.:

I removed the tape from the metal. i didnt see anyway to get the pads back on or any pads with it still on, its VERY sticky. I dont know why Blon did this. Pads wear out. They get dirty. People want to try different pads to see how the sound changes. Whoever designed this did NOT want them removed. weird.

Getting a look at it the driver is massive. much bigger than i thought. we’ve all had 50mm drivers which are most common on our dynamic headphone drivers. how much more a difference would 20mm make? well a LOT. i was surprised how big they are and that big driver sound is no longer a mystery.


So, a question that comes to mind seeing that you had to cut the material to get to the screw to remove all that stuff to get the pad off…

How did they get them on?

lol beats me!

20 character

Glad you figured it out. Definitely not a headphone for a long-term commitment unless you want to do a lot of surgery.

I wouldnt say surgery. I mean i didnt have to solder anything. I didnt want to make it sound like it was super difficult. wasnt that hard actually just took a few of steps. Once you get the pads off and the tape off you could put any pads you want on it. The sound of the headphone certainly makes it worth it. cause god they sound good. and i can use them on a tube amp. that big driver sound. oh yeah

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Good news! We’re all going to die The pads are removable from the 110 mm mounting plate!

More photos showing the stock pads compared to the Brainwavz Round XL Gel in the album.

After removing the headband pad, I used hands and knee to effectively flatten most of the band which started significantly arched. After bending the ends by hand as much as I safely could, it became clear that I would end up weakening or breaking where the headband connects to the joint, so I resorted to a wrench, pliers and some paper kitchen towel.
Even after several rounds of bending and fitting, I doubt that there is enough headband to make the pads press evenly to my head, however it is good enough for now and as a bonus, the pad fits better.

An Audeze LCD Carbon Fiber Headband would probably fit nicely.


I tightened all eight hex bolts. The ones at the cup ends of the poles were especially loose.

Pictured next to my Thieaudio Phantom connected to the E1Da PowerDAC V2 mounted on ROCCAT Modulok stands, the BL-30 is powered by the xDuoo TA-01B 2.1 Watt single-ended tube hybrid DAC/amp.

It’s not there as I type because it’s on my head playing Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch’s “Blade Runner 2049” soundtrack through PulseEffects with Bass Enhancer. I wanted it big and expected the bass, and the BL-30 has not disappointed. I saw this movie in a Dolby Theater and this reminds me of that experience.


Yeah ive been seeing this a lot. People saying their copy of the headphones have no problem taking pads off. But the ones that report this all have the copper colored ones dubbed “gold”. Maybe all the black ones are jacked? Or maybe i got the jacked pair lol. I did grab it right away when i heard about it. maybe i got some crazy review or model copy. They said they where new. weird.