New Blon-BL30 Headphone initial impressions

Just got the Blon BL30’s today. This headphone sounds awesome! I’d say at 100$ this is the best sounding headphone in the range. I like it better than some of my 200-300$ headphones. What Blon did in cheap IEMs their doing again in headphones.

Bassy, treble not harsh or sibilant at all, but clear. It has that big driver sound like the Arya. not as good of course. But I dont know what other dynamic headphone I could get that from besides expensive Sony headphones. The 70mm drivers are delivering that very well. great separation. Great dynamics. Good detail for a headphone this cheap. Very pleasing balanced frequency response. This headphone just sounds great.

Blon also set this headphone with 150ohms impedance. So should work fine with OTL tube amps.

I really like the build too on the Blon BL30. Feels like all metal and the cups move every which way. It feels simple but very functional. Not much clamp at all. Pads nice and soft, not very firm. You can get a nice looking copper contrast in the gold edition.

Again Blon goes cryptic with WGZ BLON 2014 printed on the cups.

I bought it on Linsoul but for a week nothing happened. I had to email Linsoul to get them to send it. Once they did it took 10 days to get to me from China.

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