Bowers & Wilkins P7 wireless over-ear Headphones - Official Thread

This is the official thread for discussion of the Bowers & Wilkins P7.


Would love to hear more thoughts on these

I’ve had a pair of P7s for over two years and absolutely love them.

I find them to be incredibly comfortable. The real leather pads are soft and the clamp action keeps them firmly planted on my head without causing fatigue. In terms of bluetooth range, they’re very good. I can leave my smart phone on the second floor of my town house and descend to my basement without losing a connection.

And the sound? It’s amazing–at least compared to anything I’ve heard before. I have yet to hear a pair of $500+ headphones. I would describe it as clean, but warm. The bass is not super powerful, but it’s very accurate and not artificially boosted like it is in many cheap consumer headphones. Regardless of where my quest for the best headphone take me, I’m a fan of my P7s for life.

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I owned these a last year and had a difficult time deciding to return them. As mentioned they are very comfortable. I found their strength in how clear they sounded very airy. Lacking bass, yet there was a strange attraction to them I could not understand. It was like having them and not knowing what to use them for.

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I have purchased a pair of these used and they have not arived yet . I am really looking forward to trying them out. I own grado 60s now and love them , so I am hoping that the B&WS sound espescialy nice compared to them. From the description of the sound I think I will love them. I had a pair of B&W tower speakers with the kevlar mids and I loved them.

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I’ve had these for a few years and I love them, but they’re more “entry” than anything audiophile. Someone mentioned ‘lacking bass’ whoa, what??? Not for me* …These are bassiest headphones I’ve ever owned (ZMF atticus & Eikon, TH-x00, HD600, and have head the night owls and cascades and many others) - these are very bassy. (I also returned the Aeon Flow closed as I just couldn’t get past their lack of bass).

*With that said, there’s an important caveat: i only listen to them wirelessly, ie., through their own amp. I’ve tried them wired via the mojo, jotunheim, ifi dsd bl and few others and it just doesn’t make sense with these IMO as they’re not really for serious audiophile listening to my ear, they’re for some bumpin fun, tv / movies, etc. In fact they’re so great at that, and they isolate so well, that I replaced my ANC Bose with the P7Ws for my air travel headphones simply because I’ve never found ANC to be that great (removes some stuff but makes other things more noticable like babies, clinking glasses, etc)

Thus the P7W is my travel set due to being wireless, great noise isolation, well-built, durable, bumping, and loud. I also use the all the time around the house for podcasts, movies, TV, etc when needed.

So for me, net-net, if you’re looking for an entry audiophile closed back you can do better than these, but if you want a fun wireless non-ANC headphone that travels well and sounds better than Bose or Sony, get these.

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