Beyerdynamic Aventho Wired

Bought these HPs in July for some portable use. Build Quality is exceptional and the ear pieces fold flat for storage. They come with a nice cary bag. I drove them easily from my iPhone and DFR. They are Closed On the Ear phones.

For a Beyer the sound is atypical. It’s fairly warm and the highs are somewhat tame. I’ve owned other Beyers and these do not have a peaky treble even though they have Tesla Drivers.

The bass is good but nothing to get excited about. The midrange is slightly forward and the highs are slightly recessed. Overall I find them a little dark. Soundstage and imaging are average.

Not bad for a light weight portable made with quality materials that is easy to drive from a Phone. But for me I find it too warm sounding and On the Ear phones uncomfortable. So I just listed them on Amazon for sale.