Brainwavz Alara - Impressions, Pics, Ect

So Brainwavz has a new headphone out! It’s the Alara.

A Planar Magnetic that is being introduced at introductory price of $499, as of right now I’ve not heard it my self but I am organizing a review tour on Head Fi. Non the less I imagine there will be some cross participation between members here and there so I’ll keep you guys up to date!

For now a picture will have to suffice, and hopefully the Review Tour Thread will be up today.


Good looking. Also great you are organising tour

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Nice. I wouldn’t mind being on this tour! :slight_smile:

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For those interested hit me up on the Head Fi Thread!

Going to post the promotional images here as well as a link to sign ups!


Tour kinda died, I guess Brainwavz wanted to go in a different direction.

Which was nice honestly as I really struggled to like this headphone and I found my self at odds wanting to be very critical of it and recommend my own viewers purchase something better but also being the tour organizer…

Either way video review is up!