Boss Waza Air

Boss released these wireless headphones and guitar amp / effects rig today. I think they look deadly, and the spatial modelling is neat. Looks like retail will be ~550-600USD. Interested to hear how these stack up in that price point for music listening. Here’s a demo from my favourite UK guitar reviewers, Andertons:


Andertons is great. I totally forgot about those guys.

Pretty interesting! Spatial modelling seems to be increasingly more of a thing. We’ve seen it used in gaming headphones, but this appears to be much more interesting. I do wonder whether the future of headphones is tied to signal processing, given how Sony is starting to create “360 Audio” tracks.


Ya, I think software is going to continue to become more important in the headphone world. To the point where our definition of what a headphone is (and is used for) is going to change a lot.


All indications are that this is based on the new VMODA M-200, so the extra functionality seems like a relative bargain.

I still remember when they were trying to make 5.1 audio a thing, but the ability to move through the virtual space would make that more interesting.


Totally. I have better options for wireless audio, but I’m still considering these just for the “guitar practice” use-case based on the software.

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Hello and welcome @Soundphile.

Hello to you and thank you!

On one hand this has me worried. Call me a luddite, but many innovations that completely change products (and often make them really prone to obsolescence at the same time) have me worried. On the other hand, there’s really something exciting awaiting for us in the future of audio.

I guess that’s the only thing that would make 5.1 audio interesting! I mean, what’s the point of having spatial audio if you can’t use the “spatial” part?