Burson Audio - Official Thread

Known for their discrete op-amps, max current power supply, and cool case Australian-based company Burson Audio gains some new popularity in the HEADPHONE Community. All-in-ones, DACs, headphone amps, pre-amps, speaker amps they got it covered. All things Burson, right here!

Soloist 3X Performance
Conductor 3X Performance


Thought this was an opportune time to start the Burson thread as Headphones.com now carry their products. To start it off they just announced a new product available for pre-order, the Burson Timekeeper 3i, an all-in-one integrated amp.

So, if anybody is looking for an all-in-one check this thing out. Pre-order price is $2199USD and with an MSRP of $2444USD.

Ships from Mid-June 2021.


Great idea! I do not know why Burson is not as popular as other audio equipment brands. I have the Soloist 3XP and I could not be happier! The build quality is awesome and the sound perfectly matches my preference.

Also, it is great to see that TK-3i supports LDAC! If I am not mistaken, this is their first DAC supporting LDAC, as the Composer 3XP apparently does not.


Conductor 3x are on the way, hope it is worth it’s price point over Topping and others in that range…

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Burson Composer 3XP DAC review by Passion for Sound just dropped! Take a look if you’re shopping around for DACs…


It is really interesting the comparison he is doing between the Composer 3XP and the Bifrost 2. I was actually saving money to buy the Composer 3XP but I might check the Bifrost 2 instead.


At this point, it might just be a limit of these Delta-Sigma DAC chips (just a guess)…if Burson were to make something other than implementing DS chips that would be interesting…