BURSON Soloist 3X Performance - Class A Headphone/Pre Amplifier

Did you troubleshoot your networking gear? I have returned a dac before only to learn later that it was my networking gear polluting the audio chain. I would unplug everything around you, including networking gear, or bring it to a room with nothing in it, and take another listen to determine if it is indeed the Burson causing the current sound.

Any in-depth SQ comparison between the Burson Solist 3x and the iFi Pro iCan?


That could be. I am just using a network supplier one. But they are in a completely different wall socket. Also, I am using PI2AES as a streamer to feed the signal to my DAC. This should well isolate the audio signal noise. But I am not so sure about the power

Anybody looking for an upgrade?


Done pre-ordering. Can’t wait!

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Happy cake day @hifiDJ !

I was wondering if you could post your impressions of the GSX-mini vs the Soloist, based on your very brief time with it.

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Thank you!

Sure! I didn’t spend a long time with it but for reference I was using a Focal Celestee on the mini. My impression was it sounded fairly clean with maybe a bit forwardness in the treble. I’ll tell you this though, the GSX-mini did not do the Celestee any favors in the staging department. Anyway, I did notice it having more punch than the GSX-mkII but I was using different headphones for those. In terms of the Soloist, it did sound more coloured (the Soloist). It had more midrange presence/weight and bass maybe wasn’t as tight as the GSX-mini, but the Soloist did have slightly more weight behind it, albeit maybe a bit loose (but fun). Overall, the Soloist sounded smooth and lush by comparison. At the end of the day, the GSX-mini didn’t leave much of an impression. It was nice and sounded real clean but it was honestly a bit boring to me.

One thing I did notice, sonic quality aside, was that the GSX-mini had those holes on it. I mean, I knew it had holes (for air flow) but I realized you’d probably have to open it up eventually when dust collects. Just something to be aware of. Also, it is better built than the Soloist but the Soloist is more lightweight and compact.

Bonus: The Ferrum stuff was sort of in-between these two. Very clean but not boring at all. I used an LCD-X and Utopia (which I’m familiar with) for this. It is very promising! I think it beats both of these in terms of technicalities quite a fair bit, but I suspect it was the PSU (HYPSOS) doing most of the heavy lifting. I know you’re always looking for more amps @PaisleyUnderground. :joy:


Happy Cake day @hifiDJ. Have a good one.

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I realize it says ending 17th of October. But who knows?

I’d definitely ask them to make sure. Free Supercharger w/ amp purchase sounds like a good deal to me!




I’ll leave this here…

Suprise announcement

All pre-ordered GTs will start shipping from 10th November, and we will upgrade their power supply units to the Super Charger 5A featured in this review

The SC-5A takes the GT to “Ludicrous Mode”! and we want our most loyal supporters to experience it on day one. : )

Passion-for-Sound 2 days Grand Tourer offer

For the next two days only, every Soloist 3X GT order will come with a free Cool stand and our upcoming Super Charger 5A.

The total value for freebies is over 500USD.

Offer ends 29th October.

Webshop Link: https://www.bursonaudio.com/product/soloist-3x-gt/

  • This is a direct order offer only.

  • Delivery in chronological order.

  • You can cancel your order before it ships. Burson will refund the order via Paypal, less 5% transaction fee. (the part that we don’t get refunded by Paypal)


I just posted this over at Hifiguides. I was gonna do the same here. You beat me to it lol.

This is pretty cool that they are doing this since I gave in and did the preorder. Looking forward to using this amp.


I’ll offer $150 for anyone who doesn’t want their supercharger :stuck_out_tongue:

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Pretty good deal if you can get a $285 upgrade for $150 :wink:

¯_(ツ)_/¯ I’m sure some people might not care to use the free supercharger so might as well recoup some of their cost

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I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious to try the GT even though I just got a GS-X Mini… Seems like a really interesting Amp given everything they’ve put into it and the love Burson gets.

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@Punkinela I thought it would be better to reply to you in the Burson Soloist thread, rather than the Verite Closed thread.

I’ve always liked the 3XP out of the box, with stock Vivid op amps, so I haven’t messed with op amp rolling. The only upgrade I made was to buy the Burson “super charger”, which is basically a replacement plug.

@hifiDJ has put a lot of work into experimenting with op amps and the super charger (see this and this) and he came to the conclusion that he liked the combination of the stock Vivid op amps and the super charger the best.

@mfadio wrote a good comparison of the Soloist 3XP and the Bryston BHA-1. He preferred the BHA-1, noting that it has better space between notes and bass. These are the factors that are addressed by the Burson super charger, according to @hifiDJ’s review, so it’s a shame that @mfadio wasn’t able to try that out before he moved away from the Soloist, because I would have liked to read his thoughts on the topic.

I do use the super charger but haven’t gotten around to comparing the Soloist with and without that plug. I liked the Soloist before using the super charger, I liked it after, it wasn’t much money. Not helpful, I know, so I’ll leave you with a couple of reviews that you might find helpful, from Passion for Sound, one of my favorite reviewers:
Burson Soloist 3XP
Burson Super Charger
Burson op amp comparison


Well since I’ve been put on the spot by @PaisleyUnderground over here (lol), my thoughts have changed a little. I actually wouldn’t recommend the Soloist with the VC personally. I find it to be too thick and exaggerated meaning the strengths of the VC get overemphasized in a less pleasing way (it was too much for me). So, I prefer using a more neutral (to lean) amp for the VC or a more balanced-sounding set of op-amps, such as the Staccato or the Sparkos op-amps to offset the VC’s tonal balance (how they sound overall). That being said, if you’re still wanting to jump on the Soloist I wouldn’t get it without the Supercharger unless you have pretty clean power from your outlets or have a regenerator. It’s 50% off right now so it’s a no-brainer imo.

@Punkinela you mentioned listening to a lot of EDM music so I personally think the gsx mini may be a better option. When I listened to it, although briefly, I felt it to have a faster and tighter kind of bass (more neutral overall) than the Soloist. The Soloist, on the other hand, is a more pleasing-sounding amp which I think appeals to a wider audience. This is just from memory so take it with a grain of salt. Just make sure to pair either one with a capable DAC.

With all that said, if I were you I’d start out with something more budget. Synergy starts to matter a whole lot more past the 4-digit mark and if you’re not sure what you might like out of the VC then you could be wasting some money. Figure out your sonic goal first (your strategy) then build around that through tactics (hp, amp, dac, etc…). But, that’s just me.

Hope this helped a little.

Shoutout to @PaisleyUnderground for all those detailed responses. You rock! :grinning:


Appreciate your feedback on this.

Interesting take from your impression but I know for sure know I don’t think I can drop dime on gsx mini yet, haven’t seen any sale deals of it yet either.
Was trying to keep to at least an 1800 budget but I thought the Soloist was balanced?

I’m not too worried about not liking it if you say that can be fixed with a supercharger. Wonder if anyone else can provide some thoughts on this.

I have no idea how you would know if your outlet’s arent delivering the power you need either. I would hope my outlets are sufficient but never considered that to be an issue.

I have ordered the VC’s already, was lucky enough to get an epoxy stabilized set so I’m trying to build around them DAC/AMP-wise. It seems a lot of people suggest the Bifrost 2 as far as DAC but I’m open to any recommendations you have on that end too.


If you’re comfortable with it you can always watch out for it on the used market. You should be able to see some prices around the thousand dollar mark (I usually go to usaudiomart for used audio gear). I figured you might be waiting on your VC for a bit so you do have the luxury of time.

Are you referring to its sound profile? If it’s your first time listening to it then you’ll probably find it balanced but when you compare it to other gear you find that it does add some boost to the upper treble and bass.

While it does help a lot with those issues, it won’t change the overall character of the amp.

It really depends on where you live. If you’re in an apartment, for example, you’ll likely get dirty power since the power is being shared with other people and is being used by various appliances… If you live out there in the woods with no houses around, then you’ll probably have cleaner power. It’s not something you should really worry about until you dive in much deeper into the hobby. The supercharger is supposed to help clean up that power a bit.

There are a lot of ways and methods to improve and tweak a set-up, but not everything will make sense or improve your specific set-up.

I kind of jumped straight into the higher end of DACs so I’m not much help here. The DACs I have tried, like the RME, I would not recommend in terms of sound quality. Bifrost seems to be a solid option since the majority of people like it a lot. I’ve also heard good things about the denafrips ares ii and the soekris dac2541.

Another option I think you should consider is an all-in-one (DAC and amp built-in). You generally don’t want to do this because there are more compromises in terms of sound for an all-in-one, but since you’re just starting out I think it’s an option worth considering. Some options include, jds element ii, burson playmate 2/conductor 3, questyle cma400i/cma twelve/cma fifteen, schiit stuff, geshelli labs (these are separate units), etc…

I realize it isn’t very helpful listing a bunch of products but it does get you started, at least.