Bybee Power Conditioner (John Curl signature)//SOLD

Classic AC conditioner, that retailed for $2,500. I’ve owned it since forever, and it’s in very good condition. Include two power cables. (I don’t really use power conditioning these days in my main system since my super-integrated incorporates filtering within the unit. I have a smaller, older power filter I use in the headphone system).

Happy to ship this your way for $700. CONUS only. The power cables alone would be worth around $300, I’m guessing.

No box or manual. Just plug and play, baby.

Photo is stock. The power cords it comes with are thick and juicy.

Superfluous post sorry

Hi Steve,
Looks interesting.
Would you be able to post some detailed photos of your actual unit and power cords?
I am interested, but I would like to see the condition of everything first.
Thanks in advance : )


Cool! Price is not bad, I’ll look into it.

Will post actual photos later today, The box is in use and placed behind some furniture, so not readily accessed.

I usually see them for sale at around $1400, but I don’t know if anyone buys them for that anymore. But I also don’t imagine these days if you will be able to get more bang for the buck for $700 (w/cords included).

Cables are Harmonic Tech. Everything is behind and/or under clunky furniture in a back room with poor lighting, but I hope these pics will suffice.

More pics for anyone interested. The box has a big scratch on the bottom and some minor scuffs, etc., on the sides. But generally is in good shape and if cosmetics are a factor, a good polishing with some wood oil would work nicely. This is the sort of gear that winds up stuffed behind all the other gear, sprouting thick power cables so I tend to think if it’s even in fair condition cosmetics don’t matter much. But it will presents well if in eyesight. The cables are pretty standard thickness without getting insane. If there’s any interest, let me know … It’s pretty hefty so shipping (included) will not be the cheapest. But $700 (buyer pays any fees) and it’s yours.