Campfire Audio Andromeda in-ear Headphones - Official Thread

I ordered some as well.

I look forward to seeing all of you in the upcoming Spinfit group review thread!

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Personally I couldn’t get to grips with spinfits. I prefer the memory foam type more. To me the spinfits make the sound too thin. Though I do realise this could all be down to not getting a good enough seal. Though I did try.

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I didn’t love the old ones either, but these new double flange models look interesting.

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Yes I may have to try them.

You can also use them with Spiral Dot tips if you like to bring out the treble a bit more, but not too much. They have become something of a reference for many people to the point that Ken has even said he has found it immensely difficult to improve on them.

I haven’t tried the spiral dots yet, but I will order some now. I like my treble though as you mention the Andromeda’s are fantastic already.

I have found as I am sure you are also aware that it is the source itself that makes most of the changes. It’s signature can change greatly depending on source/impedance. I have followed your reviews in the past with great interest by the way. Thanks.

Just sharing some pictures of the incredible Andromeda CK’s :slight_smile:


I can’t believe how good these look. Finding manufacturers who pay attention to the design and not just the sound is so rare!


After trying Comply (muddy bass and and not good durability) and Spinfit (quite bright, uncomfortable vacuum seal) tips I’ve found that the best pairing with my Andromedas is the MandarinES Symbio tips, which are a hybrid of silicone and foam. They look pretty nice with orange accents too (not that it matters once they’re in your ears).

For cables I Iiked the sound and lightness of the stock cable, but found that it tangled too much and didn’t like the memory wire. I tried a Null Audio Arete cable which I enjoyed with my IT01 but found that this completely killed the bass response from the Andromedas (I expect they increased the overall impedance). In the end I liked the light and supple (and cheap) stock cable from my IT01 best, so that’s what I’m currently using with the Andros.

Do you feel a vacuum seal with the Symbio tips?

That is such a pretty blue it makes me a wee bit jealous even though I think the stock green color is really tasty too.

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The Symbio tips are firmer than Comply tips, so I feel them press against my ear walls more, but they are noticeably better than the Spinfits in that I don’t really feel a vacuum seal. With the Spinfits there is a definite pressure change when I put them in and take them out, which doesn’t really happen with the Symbio.

That Blue is super nice. I’ve wanted one for a while but the only ones that ever came up was B-stock and I really want them new.

I would also give my left ear for the Andromedas in white. Just throwing that out there…


I agree the white would have been sweet. I really like the blue as well but like someone said, I wanted to buy new and the green is still pretty good.

I’ve seen that JDS Labs Element before! Glad to see another Element user on here, I’m not a big iem guy but I’m dippingg my toes in with the Comet, and if I like it I’ll probably be upgrading to the Andromeda at some point.

Edit: you know when I’m on my phone and my sentences make no sense lol

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All you need is the canal and a good fitting tip… All that cartilage is just excess… Ok this went dark… All I’m picturing is that scene from reservoir dogs…

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I reviewed the Andromeda on Reddit and remarked that they were one of the most difficult IEM I’ve ever reviewed. They are extremely picky about the source and I can easily see people loving or hating these due to a poor matching.

I’ve been cycling through several tips for the past few weeks, namely the symbiote mandarin wide bore, spiral dot, and penon (can’t remember the name) grey and red tips.

The spiral dots are best for everyday wear and comfort, and just barely behind the symbiote musically.

The penon grip really well and boost the bass a bit, best tips for sleeping. Spiral dot and mandarin cause pressure discomfort after a while.

I only use silicone tips with the Andro, yet I also only use foam tips with the Vega. Foam muffles too much of the magical Andro highs, which the wide bore tips allow pure unobstructed treble.

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Ok…this might be controversial…but I am really enjoying the Andros with the MEE BTX1 (2018) model. It kicks the bass up a bit, and lowers the sparkle, but is by far still pretty amazing for being over Bluetooth and how notorious the Andros are at being sensitive to these kinds of things…

I’ll put in an impression of these, but it might be a minute… ( I have an ear infection :cry: of course, right as I get a new toy for my ears too). I’ll give my ears some time to recover and hopefully the muffled/tinning sound goes away sooner than later (Doc said up to a month :flushed: FML). I have still been using these and find them very comfortable, I have been using the marshmallow tips and just push them in, and then over the ear. I’ll rotate my two ch-fi earbuds (beats-x and skull candy) to full time gym buds.

Just got a new Norne Silvergarde for the Andros.