CanJam NYC 2024

CanJam New York is just around the corner, coming up on March 9th and the 10th.

Anyone here going to be there?

Any gear you’re looking forward to hearing?

Any gear you’re hoping is announced at the show?


I’ll be there!

My gear trial wish list:

  • Dan Clark E3
  • HEDDPhone Two
  • Warwick Aperio and/or Bravura (the Bravura was broken last year)
  • Niimbus US 5 and/or Violectric V550
  • Enleum Amp 23
  • Ferrum Wandla
  • Feliks Envy (very impressive last year)

I’m dying to hear the Chord Choral range scaler when it comes out, but things have been quiet on that front for a bit. Other than that, surprises are fun; I’ll take anything!

Mostly can’t wait to see all the folks and all the others who make the pilgrimage. The conversations and shared impressions are the best part :slight_smile:


I think I’m going. Looking to hear WA33 elite with AB 1266.

I have Aperio, looking forward to meeting other Aperio owners. Also like to hear some DAC’s like Rocknawave and others that match.


Yep, I live just outside the city

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Would you by any chance have time to visit the RAAL stand to try the new Magna dual ribbon and Immanis triple ribbon phones? Very interested to hear comments comparing them to Aperio.

4Q23 was quite exciting to me, with the release of Diana MR, E3, Empyrean II. Final D7000 will probably be at some booths. I’m guessing ZMF is going to have a new release, Caldera Closed? Anyone have any sneak peek :smirk:?

I’m hoping there’s gonna be more releases in that headphone price bracket :grinning:.

All very doable! Hell, the Ferrum Wandla may even have some surprises :wink: .

The best part of Canjam! Well the people, not us haha. Looking forward to seeing you again in person!

I never get to attend any of the seminars since I largely remain behind the booth but the seminars for New York were just announced and there’s one that definitely caught my interest.

New Headphone Target Curves Defined on the B&K 5128: How Different Do They Sound and Which One is Most Preferred?

11:00a to Noon

The release of the Brüel & Kjær 5128 HATS in 2018 ushered in a new standard in accurate measurements of headphones. Its introduction also meant that headphone target curves defined on the older standard were no longer valid when measured on the 5128. Since then, several different headphone target curves for the 5128 have been proposed, but most lack scientific validation based on controlled listening tests. This raises an important question: how different do they sound from one another, and which one is most preferred? My talk will give an overview of the various headphone target curves proposed, how they were derived, and some analysis of how different they sound from one another.

SPEAKER: Dr. Sean Olive, Senior Fellow, Acoustic Research, Harman International


I’d go for the people.

Which is how meets (etc.) have typically gone for me.

Gear wise … the only things I want to hear that I think are going to be there are Aleksandr’s new ribbon headphones. Though I am bit done on “interfaces” for driving headphones. Especially where they are suddenly “only available with headphone purchase” (doesn’t affect me, but doesn’t make any sense either).

Oh, and Justin’s (HeadAmp) “Grand Cayman” … though he needs to finish that up and stick a price on it before I’m really enthused. Not that I have any doubt that it’ll be fantastic, but “fantastic” tends to get divided by sticker-price …

If I’m not elsewhere I’ll probably make the trip. Will post here if that works out.

Oh, and Nicki says, “Hi” and “WHtaMF” … no idea what she’s on about.


No official confirmation yet but on Srajan’s 6moons commentary he states that people who already own the Raal direct-drive amps or the TI-1b/c interface will be able to buy Magna or Immanis ‘naked’. The one issue I am aware of is that Immanis only needs 25% of the power required by the SR-1b to achieve the same SPL and so users like me who have the Holo May into HSA-1b might need to employ some form of volume attenuation prior to the HSA otherwise ‘loud’ might be achieved at only 4 clicks on the volume control. Listening now on the SR-1b and it’s loud enough for me at 7 clicks.


Figured it was time to start posting some of the things we’d be bringing to CanJam with us (this list isn’t comprehensive)!

  • Chord Dave
  • Zahl HM1
  • Secret Tube Amp
  • Warwick Acoustics Aperio (Gold)
  • Warwick Acoustics Bravura
  • New iBasso items ( PB5, D16, DC-Elite, and DX260)
  • Woo Audio WA23
  • Weiss DAC502
  • Eversolo DMP-A8
  • HifiRose RS520
  • Meze Audio Empyrean II
  • Secret Headphone
  • Austrian Audio Composer
  • Dan Clark Audio E3
  • HEDDphone TWO
  • Focal Utopia 2022
  • Hifiman Susvara
  • Final Audio D8000 Pro Collector’s Edition
  • Dan Clark Audio Stealth
  • Dan Clark Audio Expanse
  • Hifiman Arya Organic
  • Hifiman HE1000V2 Stealth
  • Hifiman HE1000se
  • DMS Omega
  • Focal Radiance
  • Focal Bathys Dune
  • Focal Clear Og
  • Focal Clear Mg
  • Focal Celestee
  • Focal Elex
  • T+A Solitaire T
  • T+A Solitaire P
  • T+A Solitare P-SE
  • Dunu Mirai
  • Dunu Glacier
  • Empire Ears Odin
  • Empire Ears Legend EVO
  • Empire Ears Raven
  • 64 Audio Volur
  • 64 Audio U12t
  • 64 Audio U4s
  • 64 Audio U6t
  • Thieaudio Monarch MKIII
  • Moondrop Blessing 3
  • Moondrop Variations
  • Symphonium Audio Meteor
  • Symphonium Audio Helios
  • Symphonium Audio Crimson

Are you looking for others to contribute to the list?

I have the following I could bring

Monarch MKIII (but you have that)
Hisenior Mega5EST
Hisenior Okavango
Aful Performer8
EPZ 530
Tangzu Zetain Wu Heyday
Letshuoer Galileo
Truthears Hexa
Truthears Zero (Blue)
Celeste Phoenix Call
Celeste Plutus Beast
Reecho and Peacock Audio Spring
TRI Star River
Ziigaat Nuo
Blon X HBB
Simgot EA500LM
CCA Rhapsody
ifi GoPod
FiiO M11 Plus ESS
FiiO M17
Fosi DS1 (with lightening and USB C)

I’d like to try the Dunu Mirai, 64 Audio Volur, Campur CP622B, Fatfreq Scarlet Mini, Moondrop Variations

Oh and on order, should arrive on time

QKZ x HBB Hades
BGVP Phantom

Oh ours is a list of stuff we will have at our booth for demo.

But with the amount of gear you can bring, you may as well grab a table for yourself :wink:

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I’m excited to hear Bravura & Aperio. And HE-1 if I can snag a time slot. Tungsten, of course. And I’m curious about DMS’s headphone. Also want to spend more time with Valkyria - listened to it for the first time last year and it sort of blew my mind, anxious for a second more critical listen.

Also hoping Raal brings their new TOTL Immanis, I’m VERY curious to have a listen to that.

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yeah, but I’m not selling anything. One thing that was reviewed here and I also did a review on it, is the Hisenior Mega5EST. It’s a fantastic set. If you want a listen I can bring it over. They don’t distribute through Linsoul, Hifigo or Shenzhen audio. It really punches about its weight class!

They’ve confirmed both new models will be there btw.

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I actually signed up as a volunteer! Never been to a full Camjam before (though I had been a few stereophile and other high end audio shows in NYC a number of years back.

Is there a dealers room or anything for sale?

I’m nearing retirement age and have my LCD-3s, HD 800s and a Chord Hugo 1, (and Cavelli and Oppo and a Fiio R7). Lots more, but I may have to pair down. So mostly I’m getting excited about some of the newer asian less lessor priced amps that seem to be getting better and better each quarter. Mostly my attention has been towards high end studio recording gear lately.

Not sure what to look forward to, but I’m sure I’ll be happy to stay in touch with the audio passion.


I am looking forward to the Zahl HM1 and pairing it with the Woo WA23 or the Feliks Envy as Cameron had mentioned in one of his reviews
I want both a Solid State and a Tube amp

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Pretty much everything is for sale. It costs a LOT for retailers/manufacturers to present at a convention like this, rest assured they are there to sell you whatever you want, often with a nifty discount.


Head-fi dropping in with a 2 and 1/2 hour preview video’