CanJam New York City 2023 - Official Discussion Thread

With CanJam NYC 2023 right around the corner, I figured it was a good time to get a discussion thread going. Find out who’s all going and if there’s anything you’re looking forward to checking out, whether it’s audio related or otherwise.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

CanJam New York 2023 dates are February 25th - 26th. Get the full breakdown over on the CanJam website!

Exhibitor List (as posted in the Head-Fi thread)

  • 64 Audio
  • Abyss Headphones
  • Astell&Kern
  • Atlas Cables
  • Audeze
  • Audio46
  • Audio-Technica
  • Brise Audio
  • Burson Audio
  • Campfire Audio
  • CEntrance
  • Chord Electronics
  • Crosszone
  • DALI
  • Dan Clark Audio
  • dCS
  • Dekoni Audio
  • DROP
  • EarMen
  • Effect Audio
  • Eksonic
  • Eletech
  • Elysian Acoustic Labs
  • Empire Ears
  • Etymotic
  • Feliks Audio
  • Ferrum Audio
  • Final Audio
  • FiR Audio
  • Focal
  • Fostex
  • HeadAmp Audio Electronics
  • HiBy
  • iFi audio
  • Lake People
  • Letshuoer
  • Linsoul Audio
  • Lotoo
  • Meze Audio
  • MusicTeck
  • Niimbus
  • Noble Audio
  • Nostalgia Audio
  • Pathos Acoustics
  • PrimaLuna
  • PSB Speakers
  • PW Audio
  • RAAL-requisite
  • RME
  • Sennheiser
  • Spirit Torino
  • STAX
  • T+A
  • TEAC
  • Unique Melody
  • Upscale Audio
  • Violectric
  • Vision Ears
  • Viva Audio
  • Westone Audio
  • Woo Audio
  • ZMFheadphones

I’ll be there, most likely with the Susvara one day and the D8KP-LE for the other.
Planning on getting some time with the Caldera, zmf/decware otl, Feliks Audio Envy and Euforia Evo, dCS Lina, Solitaire P and the T+A amp, Woo WA23… and obviously get some time with the Zahl.
I don’t think LTA are coming but if so I’d like to try the Z10E.

Seriously thinking of going. I live just outside of Syracuse, about 4.5-5 hours northwest of NYC.

Will be my first if I go!

Since this will be my first CanJam, what do I want to hear and try? As much as possible! Eager to try to Meze 109 Pro, for sure.

Hope to see plenty of you guys there!

If you’re on the fence about going: DO IT. Seriously Canjams are a huge amount of fun and you will be incredibly happy you did go.

A few tips for people if it’s your first CanJam/Audio Event:

  • Make a shortlist
    Take a look at the website/exhibitors list and make a shortlist of everything you want to try. There usually won’t be enough time to properly demo everything so make sure you get the stuff you really want to hear in first. Also a good plan to take a quick walk around to see what’s there when you arrive in case there is something you spot that you didn’t see on the website.

  • There are usually good discounts at the show
    Lots of companies run show-specials so if you are thinking of making a purchase in the near future, might be good to try to get cash together before the show as you will often be able to get stuff cheaper than usual if you buy at the show.

  • Bring some of your own music on a phone or DAP
    It’s not uncommon for wifi to be spotty at events like these and so not all booths will be able to have Tidal/Qobuz etc up and running. If you have particular songs you know well and use to demo gear, make sure to bring those on your phone. Not all booths will let you plug your phone/DAP in but most are happy to let you do so. (Ask first!)

  • Attend both days
    Unless you absolutely cannot do both, I’d HIGHLY recommend you attend both days. Getting all the good stuff in within 2 days is already a bit of a challenge. If you only go for one day you’ll have to be quite selective about what you demo.

  • Bringing your own gear is recommended but not necessary
    Most booths will have source gear and headphones, you don’t ‘need’ to bring headphones to try stuff and you can always use what’s there. But it can help to compare and evaluate stuff if you bring some gear you’re familiar with.
    Additionally, some booths might have a dozen headphones/IEMs but only a couple amps. So it can help to save time queuing if you have your own portable DAC/Amp to plug headphones into rather than waiting for the one at a booth to free up.

  • CanJam is a social event as much as it is about the gear
    This is the main reason I love these events. The gear is awesome, but getting to spend time with and talk to so many other audio enthusiasts and wonderful people is an absolute blast. Make friends, encourage others you know to go too, and remember that stuff doesn’t finish as soon as the event itself closes!


Great tips. Thanks very much!

I’ll be there! I most look forward to:

  • Just chatting with people and learning about fun, lesser-known things
  • Trying to find a planar I really like. I have yet to do so, but would love to (for my tastes, the timbre just never seems right - the closest I’ve come to liking one so far is the Abyss Diana TC)
  • Trying the Raal CA-1a. I had an SR-1a for a bit, and it wasn’t quite right enough for me to keep, but I recognize how special it is.
  • Performing my annual, effusive “thank you” speech to Rob Watts for creating incredible products that bring me joy every day
  • Attending lectures that I can, at best, 25% wrap my head around (looking at you, Rob Watts and your fancy reconstruction filters…)
  • Trying the Newtopia, and hopefully deciding that my Oldtopia is not worth upgrading (my wallet is praying)

These are such great tips @GoldenSound! Should post these on the Head-Fi thread too if you haven’t, everyone needs to know these. Covered all the bases, too! Nothing on my end to add.

I will be there. Looking forward to my fist CanJam!

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I hope you have a great time and say hello! What are you most excited about?

Just getting to meet other enthusiasts and trying out equipment that I read about all the time!

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Yes! Big part of CanJam is the social aspect.

Here are a few things from me building off of what @GoldenSound said:

  • Make sure to take care of your ears and be respectful of others with your listening volumes during the show. It should be obvious, but it needs to be said.
  • Clean your ears best, whether with disinfecting wipes or a solid shower after each day.
  • Ask questions from reps at the booth, like me and @netforce We’re here to help you; there are no dumb questions. If you’re new to audio, specify that so we can give the least technical explanation possible to help you understand the gear from your point of view.
  • Listening fatigue is a real thing. No one can sit around for hours listening to gear and not get it. Take the time to use CanJam as a social event and get to know others…by not talking about audio.
  • Another note on listening fatigue: bring a notepad to write things down as you listen to them. When you hear 100+ products at a show, lines blur, and you forget why you like one.

Man, I’d love to go!! Someone want to swing by Oregon on their way and pick me up ?! :laughing:

I would try talking my wife into going for a few days so I could make a vacation out of it but there’s no way in hell she’d go to NYC in February!!:cold_face:


That’s why you come to SoCal in September with summer weather all the time :wink:

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Yes, but now that I’ve been to one…I want to go to all of them!


It’s easy. Quit your job, empty your 401K, buy a Winnebago, and convince your wife to adopt Nomad living. Then you can do CanJam NYC in Feb, Axpona (Chicago) in April, stay in Chicago until June for the next CanJam, then SoCal in September and Dallas in November.

Living the dream.

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Hmmm :thinking: sounds nice!

The “convincing the wife” part is where it gets tricky!!

Not too far from the plan really…just about 15 years too soon :grin:


Or just get really lucky and end up full time in the industry xD


Sounds just like Tyll Hertsens’ actual retirement plan, minus the stops at CanJam! :slight_smile:


It’s one of the best ways to live life, that’s for sure.