Can't post in certain forums

I’m a new user with a handful of posts and can reply to topics in, for instance, general IEM discussion. However, I can’t create new topics? Is because I don’t have enough activity and, if so, how do I get that activity when I’m pretty limited in what I can post? Thanks.

Hi @Bilious , this comes up a lot from new members, including yesterday.

My take on this policy is that taking away the ability to create a new topic “trains” new members to look for existing threads to post their questions, because there’s almost certainly something out there already.

The mods try to avoid duplicate topics, because it’s harder to find information when it’s spread all over the place, so if a new member posts something in a new topic, the mods will often close out the new topic and move the post to the appropriate existing thread. It’s a lot of aggravation for everyone, including the original poster.

On the other hand, if you’ve searched the forum and can’t find an existing thread, then you can always ask a mod to create it for you.


Yep. Most questions have been asked and answered, and new threads are often too narrow or dated to continue.

Back in the day we used to say “Google is your friend.”


Thank you both. I do use Google extensively as well as the search function. I will try again to locate the specific information I’m looking for regarding IEM purchase advice. As you say, it’s a narrow scope for my specific needs, which I think is why I’m having trouble.


If the search fails, try posting in one of the general question or IEM threads. Lots of narrow questions end up there, or get moved there.


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As @generic suggested, try one of these threads, both of which contain very specific questions, so you’re probably fine.
General Purchase Advice
IEMs General Discussion

Or look for a thread specifically for the IEM manufacturer.

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Use the forum search function. Google is not your friend unless you like targeted ads and paid for search results. DuckDuckGo is your friend.


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