Question on using this site

Is there a keyboard of keys combination that will take me to the last post of a very long thread?

If you click on the numbers at the bottom here towards the left

It will allow you to scroll down to wherever you want. After I post this it will say 1/2 responses and click on the 1 and try it out.

Hope this helps and isn’t too confusing and/or answers your question


I’ve got it, thanks.

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Hey everyone, @MRHifiReviews was kind enough to set up a general AmpsandSound Thread last night. He linked the Mogwai thread to it. I’d like to link all the other various threads for a&s there too but cannot find any navigation for that, is that a permissions issue (not asking for permissions) or am I just being thick? Thanks!


You’d need to create a post that held links to the topics you wanted related. There’s no platform-level way to make such associations.


Great, thank you for the info.

Okay, really stupid question. How do I DM on here? Can’t find anything where I would expect it to be.

Click the person’s name, and then click the big blue “Message” button on the pop-up.

Or, click your profile icon (top left), click the envelope (a double click may be required if you have a long message list), then click the big blue “New Message” button on the left.

If you don’t see either option, you’ve not participated enough to have DM capability yet.