Cheap Bluetooth Exercise On Ear/Over Ear Women’s Style

The type of headphone I am looking for is (Closed-back, open-back, in-ear, wireless, etc): wireless.

My price range is: Under $100, preferably under $50

I like to listen to:

I will be using them for: (Travel, commuting, home, gym, etc…):
For Gym.

My administrator is looking for something for the gym. She likes something that fits over her head. Nothing black, preferably girlie. She saw some total no name pink pictures on Amazon. I found a JBL E45BT that she likes, but is not happy at the $70 price, even with a $30 discount.
She’s not “into” headphones and fine music. She wants sound and to look good in the gym.

I tried to point out how different pads could get pretty nasty under hard workouts, so she should look for something that won’t get hot on her ears.

In the gym I look for Bluetooth and sweat resistance myself. I’ve been using BeatsX for a while and am 100% happy with the sound (given the background noise). I don’t like collar IEMs, so not next time…

For girlie people, look for IEMs with attractive faceplates. My wife stubbornly clings to $15 panda bear earbuds because “pandas”! She sometimes wears a single flesh colored Chinese Bluetooth IEM in the office (e.g. <$20) to hear those around her.

I offered her my $300 noise cancelling headphones, but she won’t wear headphones in public. I tried to get her into my higher quality IEMs and failed. She definitely hears the differences but doesn’t care enough to use them.



I know these feels…

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I’ve gifted her with Massdrop $25 Bluebox Mee wireless IEMs. She liked them, but didn’t seem to find the right tips. Says they can fall out. She may try others. Perhaps I ought to get her some sponge tips. I see

She claims she likes headphones over the head. She likes rose gold color. She’d probably like Swarovski, but I only find earplugs and headsets and IEM. Why do I bother? Maybe she can wait for a gift card or something and get the JBLs


The Urbanears stuff is pretty decent for what it is and comes in a bunch of different colours.

I gave my wife a pair 2 years ago which she is still using to this day so the bluetooth and batteries are still fine. You can often find them cheaper as well.


I ran across these the other day. Bone conduction. I haven’t tried them but there are 1700+ Amazon reviews

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Thank you both for those thoughts. I recall that Jabra used to promote bone conduction on its telephone headsets.

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We’re trying new tips for the MEE first. Spinfit and foam. Web search on the Urban ears finds them in the $34 range. The Aftershokz are still in the $70-80 everywhere unless you find a refurb.

You can find the focal spark Bluetooth for $35 online nowadays but they are in-ear

My SO apparently ordered these which came in yesterday unbeknownst to me. Mmm new things to measure and review?? They apparently are clearancing these out because they have a bt version out now.