Heavy Metal

I like heavy metal, AOR, Melodic hard rock and rap just like DMX when i’m in the gym while deadlifting:)
What is your headphone recommendation?
It should be closed back and there shouldn’t be sound leakage ‘cause use them mostly in the public transportation ( 5 hours in a day:)
I have ipod 6th gen 120 gb.
Thank you for sharing your precious time to write me recommendation beforehand.

Hi Serkan,

What kind of price range are you looking at?

Very good question:) i forget to mention it. My limit was usd300 but there is a hidden devaluation in Turkey so USD200 is my limit now.

The Audio-Technica M50x hits all of your marks pretty well. I’m not positive on using them at the gym though as sweating may cause the pads to deteriorate at a much faster pace.

The Sony MDR1R is another one to take a look at.

I don’t know if I could recommend either of them for working out but for everything else they will be great. I don’t use over-ear headphones for working out so on that front I can’t help as much.

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I also listen to those same genres while at the gym and use a Jaybird X3 which sounds pretty good for the price point but are wireless in ears. You can also give the Bose QC 35s and Sony MDR 1000X a try since they are equally pretty good but maybe a tad higher than $200.

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Hey Serkan! So with metal there’s a few things to consider:

-most metal lives in the lower mids

-a lot of metal is poorly recorded and mastered

So that being said, you are going to look for something with smooth treble (to avoid sibilance) and some sexy lower mids.

Given that you are looking for primarily portable usage, would you be against using in ear monitors?

Otherwise both the M50 and the Beyerdynamic DT770 are good choices. I think the Beyer might need amping tho, not entirely positive. But if you want extremely portable headphones and can deal with IEMs, I can recommend some there.

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Regardless of musical style, for the public transportation and gym use I STRONGLY favor sweat-resistant cordless/Bluetooth models. In these situations there’s a high potential for abuse and sweat, so I go with earbuds and forget about audio perfection. My earbuds have ranged from $12 corded Panasonics to $100 Bluetooth Jaybirds and BeatsX buds. I consider these semi-disposable and get new ones every 1-2 years.

For long-distance travel or air travel (e.g., 5 hours per day), I use noise cancelling headphones. Right now these happen to be cordless Sony MDR1000X2s (~$300). I had Bose QC15s in the past, but they didn’t sound very good for the money.

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Thank you for your advise. You are right, let’s put aside gym issues. The best one for the gym is Bluetooth sport in-ears. I’ll check m50x for general listening sessions.

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Thank you for your kind reply. In-ear is disturbing me for the long sessions ao i need over-ear. I’ll check m50x.

Let me check it:) Thank you for your answer.

I would recommend you try the ZMF Atticus or the Auteurs for metal!

Thank you for your reply. But mu budget is usd250.




I’ve a better idea, check out something like the Sennheiser HD 25, you’ll want to EQ it a little but

It’s tough, I use mine at the gym currently, all the parts are replaceable so if you destroy it you can easily fix, the isolation is excellent!!! An sound wise I quite like listening to Metal when I lift as well and with a little EQ it does quite well!