Chord Poly - Official Thread

The Chord Poly is a music streamer/player that couples with the Mojo DAC/Amp. It plugs into the USB end of the Mojo and the two fit in a case to make a single unit that can wirelessly stream HD audio from WiFi, Bluetooth, or AirPlay connected devices. For the best fidelity you can play music directly from Poly’s onboard Micro SD slot. You control it from a smartphone for the ultimate mobile audio streamer. It can also be controlled from a tablet or computer if you want a larger screen. Chord also claims the Poly is “Roon ready”.

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This is a really fiddly device to use, with a lot of quirks and issues that spoiled the experience (for me) - and while it’s very cool in what it can do, and it results in excellent sound, please make sure you read up on the issues around it carefully before buying one.

Chord have an unusually extensive FAQ for most of these issues - and it’ll give you a better idea of how this thing works in practice than the user-manual.

For example, if you want to play back music from the microSD card slot you’ll need a third-party DLNA/MPD compatible control point application (the recently released “GoFigure” app, from Chord, is really for configuration - there’s a very limited play-back option in there).

And using it both at home and on the go results in a lot of faffing about changing the network/mode configuration. Sadly there’s no seamless transition from, say, using it as a Roon end-point at home and as a DLNA renderer (for microSD card playback) on the go. You’ll be waiting for timeouts or force-closing apps or reconfiguring the units connections every time.

I liked the potential, but I returned mine as it was just too much of a pain to use. Hopefully the “2Go” version (the Hugo 2 equivalent to Poly) will address these issues.


This is very useful advice . It was worth joining the network for this alone!
If you want to benefit from the Mojo sound but with full source facilities you’re better using an output from such as Fiio X5 into the Mojo.

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I was recently on the fence about whether to purchase a Poly for my Mojo. This article did a great job outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the device and helped me decide to wait until stability improves. Hope it helps out others as well.

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Just a thought… since this is the only Poly thread I could find.

Might be worth changing the title of this thread to Chord Poly - Official Thread under the category “Official AMP/DAC/DAP Model Discussion”

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It has been moved into the proper category and tagged for visibility! Thanks for the heads up.