Closed back headphones


I’ll do more research on them and see what others have to say, but they are definitely in the running. I did see the impediance level is 32 ohms, so yes, they would be easy to drive. It would be very interesting to compare them to the BD’s, as I’m currently using a pair of the DT 880’s right now.


I love my Oppo PM-3s, and have had them basically since they came out. They compete with cans 3x their price. I use them with a couple different headphone amps, including the great Oppo HA2 portable DAC/amp. Great company and great products. Would love to know the details of your ear cup mod. Good luck with your music therapy.

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I have been wearing my PM-3s for a couple years now. I needed a close to flat response as I produce music. I also needed sound isolation, partly from having tape machines running just a foot away from where I sit in one studio, but mostly because I use them at night after I smoke cannabis and sleep next to my wife. If I don’t roll over in bed, which my body doesn’t let me do very often, they are comfortable enough to fall asleep in. Later in the morning, I’ll take them off… but they’re really that comfortable for me. I wear them, no exaggeration, from 4 to 8 or more hours per day, 7-days a week. I am interested in your pad mod though. I’ll check it out at Brainwavz. - One day at a studio in North Hollywood, I stopped for lunch. Got in my car and while at a red light, just waiting for the light to change, I was rear-ended by a bus! Four back surgeries later… my life was turned upside-down. Nearly lost everything. Cannabis detoxed me from all the opioids I was on. I can honestly say, music saved my life. - So… Westred, I’m not in your shoes, nobody can be… but I hear you. And cannabis, yes… your “mind’s eye” opens up the sound stage of the music you’re listening to. Music does indeed sound different / better in many ways, when you’re doing cannabis for pain. I’ve never smoked cannabis for recreation. I think it makes a difference, in the way you smoke, the way you set the table for your experience. If you use the cannabis as a gateway drug to “deeper meditation”. . . then yes, you will sleep better, and your music will take on a whole different dimension. If you’d like some example tracks of what to tune into with your Oppos… touch me back. - Be well… feel better! You are magnificent!


Danielboymusic, I’ll gladly share the mod I used for my PM-3s. I’m having some tough family times right now and will try to remember to get back to you after I get through them.


@SenyorC: I have my faith on a Canada/US trip, I highly doubt there is any shop in Seville to try them…


I’ve found that selecting the perfect set of cans is not a science, in as much as beauty is. It is all up to the EAR(s) of the listener.

hmmm… couldn’t agree more, is soooo personal… will look definitely for them!

Thanks for your insight on the Oppo-PM3!

Cannabis is basically an auto-hypnotic, it also acts as a sense “amplifier” (food tastes incredible, smells, colors, music… can be an experience!) and as such can get you to incredible states of concentration; it depends on the strain, and the individual.

If you’re being medicated, I’m sure you’ll feel tons of relief and positive things once you try cannabis.

A tip: most medical/commercial cannabis nowadays are heavily crossed indica hybrids with mainly bodily effects, while the most “brain” focused effects come from sativa strains.

Indicas usually screw yourself to the sofa, while sativas can even be energizing, being also good for medical purposes.

IMHO, the best seed bank (in the sense they actually research and keep landraces) to look or learn for strains:

First experiences can led to disphoria, specially with potent sativas; just take it easy, start slowly and remember you keep being the one at the wheel, so just steer any panic/paranoia away towards pleasurable thoughts.

I think it makes a difference, in the way you smoke, the way you set the table for your experience. If you use the cannabis as a gateway drug to “deeper meditation”. . . then yes, you will sleep better, and your music will take on a whole different dimension.

Couldn’t agree more with your comments, @danielboydmusic, a proper “setting” is paramount, specially to prevent disphoria at the beggining.

A good headphone rig, good music + MMJ can definitely cure not only physycal pain (suffered from horrible/cronic migraines, and it’s been the only med that has worked), but even your soul :slight_smile: I wholeheartedly hope it improves things for you @Westred!


I am seriously contemplating picking up the MSR7B to give it a try with the P20. I wasn’t overly keen on the (short) test of the MSR7 but I have read in multiple sources (English and Spanish) that the balanced version is based on the sound of the SE version (which I never got to hear but read that it was improved over the normal version).

I would have already ordered if I could find a male XLR4 to female 4.4mm adapter but all I can find are the opposite (male 4.4 to female XLR4). That means I would need to chop off the 4.4 to replace it with the XLR4M and would lose any chance of returning them.

I don’t mind making my own adapter but I only found one source for the 4.4mm male and they wanted 60€!! That is a bit steep for a connector!


Here are a couple of cheaper 4.4mm Pentaconn TRRRS male connectors (plugs):

  • Moon Audio @ $30 - This is the “official” connector. It’s a shit to work with. The insulation melts so easily it’s not funny. The last two connections are opposite sides of a tiny ring and VERY easy to short against the shell.

  • Eidolic via DHC @ $29 - Way better than the official connector. More space in the barrel. Connections are a simple staggered pole. But the Rhodium plating means you need to use an aggressive flux and higher temperatures to solder it successfully.

Personally I really like the Furutech one, but it’s $68 and also requires proficient in soldering Rhodium.


It’s actually the female I need, to be able to convert the male on the ATH to an XLR4M to connect to the output of the P20.

I did find the female on the moon audio site but I am not sure what the shipping to Spain would be like (I didn’t register to find out).

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Just thinking out loud here but the headphones are 249€, the connectors to make the adpaters will probably work out around 60€ (buying from somewhere in the US plus shipping etc. then add the XLR4 and the time) which is probably more than I would lose if I just buy the headphones, chop off the plug and sell them used like that if I don’t like them :smiley:


I just got a pair of Thinksound ON2 on ear closed backs. So far they look good, feel good and sound good. To be more precise:

  1. The wood cups look a little bit special and the plastic and metal frame is good enough.

  2. Clamp is just right and the plush pads make the on ear fit tolerable. The loose gimbals initially made it difficult to find a secure fit but once I did they stayed in place pretty well.

  3. The tuning is unobjectionable. Mids and treble sound quite neutral. Bass is elevated but not to the point of becoming muddy. So far I haven’t found any problematic peaks or troughs.

On a side note… Conventional wisdom holds that one can’t judge headphones until one’s acclimated to the signature. So far I’ve found that if I don’t like headphones on the first listen, I won’t like them on the 10th or 100th.

I do like the ON2.


Nice to read your review. I ordered these for my wife today. I have never seen a headphone this cheap get so many good reviews.
My wife is not super fussy and will love the look.

Easter is now taken care of.



That is fair, I’m probably in the middle of this… I.E. I probably won’t like it in the long run, but I also know that like anything mood/life/experience/time/ etc color everything I do, and to combat that I’ll give things such as headphones a longer window of evaluation, knowing that I might not be listening in the right frame of mind.

Good example are the CA Cascade, I’m constantly, falling in and out of love with them lol.


Have you written a review on your Cascades? I started reading about them in December and looked far and wide for a Boxing Week sale on them. They seem to be a love it or hate it headphone. I would like to have one set of killer bass headphones. I would love to have a Big Three:

  1. My best open back - Grado GH2
  2. My best closed back - Beyer T5p.2
  3. My best bass 'phones - D7200/TH610/TH900/Cascades/???

My 99’s win for best looking, great sounding, most portable, best value, etc. My choice for “on the go”.:blush:

Shane D


There you go

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Thank you!!


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Since I’ve never seen measurements for the Thinksound ON2, I’m sharing some here. It was very difficult to get good looking measurements because the bass response is highly dependent on seal achieved through clamping, but my MiniDSP is narrower than a typical human head and has relatively inflexible ears. Long story short, to get decent measurements, I ended up manually pressing the cup into the ear to achieve a good seal.

The result (with Harman-like HEQ compensation) …

This shows me that they were clearly going for the Harman target in tuning these.

Here’s the distortion …

Looks very nice above 150 Hz, but the bass region has more distortion than I like to see. Granted, I’m spoiled by the LCD2C :slight_smile:


Does anybody have any experience with the Monoprice M565c??


I heard they weren’t that good. I had the 1060c. Great lush sound and comfortable pads. They are big and have awkward headband so aren’t that mobile. Beautiful and good quality sound for the price

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I had the M565 openbacks for a short period of time and then returned it. The open back version was extremely dark, but it had a lot of potential. Closing it in would have made treble go up which may help it. I was going to try to mod it to make it sound brighter, but it happened to coincide with the time when the HE560 dropped from $900 to $350 in the US, and I jumped on that deal and returned the M565.

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Thanks @boxster233 & @antdroid , I haven’t found much about them to be honest on the web at all. There are very few reviews.

The reason I ask is that I was about to order the MSR7b and came across these here on Amazon (we don’t get much Monoprice stuff here) for 180€ ($200), which is 70€ less than the MSR7b. I had been thinking about getting a pair of T50rp to play around at modding but was wondering if these would be worth while instead.

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