I’ve gotten great advice here in my effort to seek an audio quality upgrade to my DFR.

I’ve learned that most DAC/AMPs in the $500-$800 especially the Grace M900 will give me an upgrade.

I’ve learned recently that DAPs in that price rated especially the Sony ZX300 will also offer an sound upgrade.

Thanks to Torq for both of those insights.

So now the final question

Which one offers the best noticeable upgrade to the DFR?

The Grace m900 or the Sony ZX300

I know they are two completely different types of product but I’d like to know if migrating my Library to DAP vs upgrading the DAC/Amp is a worthwhile persuit.

Again my Headphones are the Shure 1540.



I think the correct answer is get both :wink:

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Thanks. I’d love to but I need some fiscal restraint.

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Oh, sorry. I thought you said physical restraints.
At least Cyberwoman appears to come with great cans, as in headphones.

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