Acoustic Research M20

On Drop for $200. Originally $699. Anyone have any experience with this unit. Torq?

Have been saving for a Sony DAP but this is tempting.

I played with one of these back around when it launched.

I can’t say I was impressed.

The sound was average at best (weighted against the $200 price you’re quoting; it was not competitive at all, in my opinion, at the original $699), the stability of the unit was very poor (music player crashed fairly often*), and from memory, the output impedance was too high for use with almost all multi-driver IEMs (and a large portion of full-size headphones) without significantly shifting their frequency response.

There are good options available at/around this price point today, but the A&K SR15 and Sony ZX300 are still comfortably ahead (and probably the sweet-spot for price/performance at this point).

*It’s possible the firmware/software has since been updated, but the unit I played with was definitely unstable.


Thanks Torq. Matches the few reviews I found. Will stay focused on the Sony DAPs depending on finances: ZX300 or WM1a.

I agree with Torq and it gets worse from there

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