DAD Dac 10

Anyone who knows what the DAD Dac 10 is?
It is from the company Danish Audio Design and it was sold as a combo of a dac/amp/psu around 10 years ago. I believe the price was around $3000 at the time.


Not a dac that tells bad jokes?


Or wears 25 year old jeans (like me).

I’ve never seen that particular DAC. Are you looking at purchasing? One thing about DACs, a $3000 DAC 10 years ago from a performance standpoint is not a great deal better than $500 DACs of today. Probably would have a better power supply, but the DAC chips get updated frequently. Almost like computer processors.

I stumpled upon a unit for sale and would normally just move on, but the fact it is 3 piece unit with own power supply, made me interested. But it doesn’t have great reviews and as you said, DAC chips get frequently updated.

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