Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 - Open & Closed - Official Discussion

I’ve fiddled with the Mojo 2 four way DSP with my Noires and have ended up going up 1 notch on the bass filter, 1 on the next filter and down one on the last one, no tuning pads. Tbh I could fiddle with the pads and the EQ in the Mojo a lot for different recordings or music genres, it’s so easy and a bit of fun I do it all the time. Particular older jazz recordings . My stock tracks for testing are Massive attack and Billie Eilish . I use Hifiman Edition XS for female vocals only, DCAA2 for everything else.

Thanks for this, I’ll try it out. I just got the Poly to work on my network :pray: and using Roon with the Mojo 2. I also use DCA Aeon 2 (Noire). It’s a great pairing, but getting curious what else works well with the Mojo 2.

I’ve had a pair of Aeon 2 Noire for a few months now and I have to say I’m pretty disappointed. Despite many attempts with EQ they just sound dull to me. It’s similar to my opinion of the Oppo PM3 after I started getting into open backs. I thought it was just because they were closed back until I heard a couple of closed backs recently that did not have this issue. Then I started hearing similar opinions of the DCA Expanse and now I’m starting to think it’s just that I don’t like DCA tuning.

Any thoughts on how I might correct this problem with EQ or should I just sell them and move on? I’ve tried oratory1990’s preset, Chrono’s preset, and a few of my own using Crinacle’s EQ tool (I’m not good enough yet to tune by ear).

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Have your tried removing the in-cup filters? Are they still shipping with the filters installed? I really hated the Aeon Flow’s cottony deadness until I removed the notched white filters installed at the factory. I eventually settled on the ‘acoustically transparent’ airy black foam inserts. Also, the Dan Clark drivers seem to lack the potential for high frequency extension regardless of EQ. The upper mids to lower treble can start to glare. My reaction was similar with the Stealth or Expanse (forget which) at Capital Audiofest last November: dead timbre for sure without tweaks.


Duh. I totally forgot about those. Will do.

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Nope. Nothing for me to remove. :frowning_face:

Here’s the Aeon 2 Noire measured on the B&K 5128:



Looking pretty good. The stuff that was well-received before also tends to measure reasonably well on the new system with the new target, just with noticeably more information available.


Is it just me or is the prominent dip at 3.5khz on the Gras completely absent on the B&K? I’m just surprised that they measure so differently there since it’s below 4khz or so.

Yeah it’s as we’ve been saying… headphones behave differently on different heads. This is the part where things aren’t necessarily more accurate, but just different. And also why we can’t be certain how it’s going to translate to our own heads.

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Right I just expected more consistency below 4-6 kHz or so

These, like all DCA, need a lot of power to sound good, like from a Burson amp or maybe Schiit. Also, the upgraded cable from DCA adds to the SQ.


Thanks for the tip. I’ve been able to get them to sound much better by applying some EQ based on Resolve’s 5128 measurement. Also discovered that running them off of my Schiit Folkvangr opens up the sound even more.


Do you have a revised EQ for this headphone under the new measurements?

I don’t at the moment no. I don’t know when that’ll happen either. Your best bet is to do it by ear.

Ok, I’m using a Convolution filter in Roon at present, based on the files and measurements here AutoEq/results/oratory1990/harman_over-ear_2018/Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Noire at master · jaakkopasanen/AutoEq · GitHub

How different are your latest measurements?

BTW Enjoying the DC Aeon 2 Noire headphones, with a VIVO cable, with the Convolution filter in Roon driven by a Bursen Soloist SL off my Sim Audio PreAmp and Naim NDS/555DR source.

I’d stick with the EQ you’re using for now.

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So I just received my Aeon 2 Noire headphones and absolutely love them. This is probably my end game closed backs at least until I win the lottery. (Lookin’ at you DCA Stealth)
It’s paired with the SMSL SH-9 and having no issues. But I’d like to try a tube amp with these after reading this thread and have ruled OUT Schiit based on personal experience. (tldr: just bad customer service).
Has anyone tried these on the xDuoo TA-22?
Josh Valour reviewed this quite favorably and I think the power output would be sufficient to make the Noire shine.


Thank you for sharing. These are on my short list with B&W Px8. Would love to know if anyone has a DAC/amp for use with my phone on the go that matches well (needed power to drive it and matching character)?

Can you measure Aeon 2 Closed also , on the 5128 ?

Much different to Noire ?

And did you have the GRAS measurement of Aeon 2 Closed also?


From my understanding it’s the same headphone just with different pads. At the moment I don’t have one available.