Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 - Open & Closed - Official Discussion

I use them with the Questyle M15. Atm I use them on the unbalanced 3.5 jack and I like what I hear. But I ordered the Vivo 4.4 mm balanced cable, since the M15 has a higher current output on the balanced output. Maybe things will change to sound even better. I used the Noire on a Oppo HA-2 SE DAC before and I have to admit, I’ve never run them on a real desktop amplifier. This will change soon, my Schiit Magni Heresy will arrive on monday.


I recieved my Vivo cable with 4.4mm and oh boy. I have to say, just use the 4.4mm output on the Questyle M15 for this headphone! So much more power! It’s hard to say whats exactly from the cable and whats from the higher power output on the 4.4mm, I can only say it’s a worthy upgrade! Songs which sounded a little bit thin on the Dummer cable on the 3.5mm output are now rich and full. It’s a whole new level!