Dan Clark Audio AEON 2 - Open & Closed - Official Discussion

Can you measure Aeon 2 Closed also , on the 5128 ?

Much different to Noire ?

And did you have the GRAS measurement of Aeon 2 Closed also?


From my understanding it’s the same headphone just with different pads. At the moment I don’t have one available.

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Hey @Chrono - did you base these EQ profiles from measurements?

If so, where are the measurements? I’m looking for AEON 2 Open

Actually stop applying any EQ for these headphones, driven by a Burson SL Mk1 with VIVO cable.

I added a second power supply for the Naim NDS, a custom dedicated supply for the Analogue circuitry and the existing 555DR now being used for the Digital circuitry - yes it’s a 3-box streamer/network player/streaming DAC but improvement are in the bass, transient response.
The improvements from the addition of the CHC power supply are more apparent without the convolution filter in Roon applied, nor Chrono’s parametric settings.
I wasn’t using any DSP for speaker based playback, nor with Vinyl playback.