DAP w/ Separate Amp or Larger DAP

Would a small DAP and a separate amp combo be better than buying one large DAP? (If the total price was the same)
Ex) Cowon Plenue D2 + Chord Mojo vs Sony NW-ZX507

I have personally went with the smartphone + portable dac/amp route and I love it ! The Lotoo Paw S1 is small enough and it also sounds great !

If you really want a DAP, I’d go the ZX507 route though.

Thank you for the advice. I guess a DAP wouldn’t do much other than change the DAC chip I’m using (which according to some people doesn’t matter).

I have recently bought the Cayiin N6ii with the (A01) board installed AK chipset and the I also purchased the extra E01 board with ESS Sabre 9038pro. This whole setup I see as a very big upgrade oner my Pioneer XDP-300r in both build quality and more importantly sound quality. The interchangeable Amp and Dac modules make a very definate difference. Just my opinion of course.


Nice! I guess interchangeable amp modules give the best of both worlds.

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Most definitely. A different sound and different Amping too. I am going at this purely fro. An iem point of view though. I prefer to use my Desktop amps for full size gear.

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Now all I need is $1200…

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Yes that’s the unfortunate thing. It isn’t cheap.