DAP w/ Separate Amp or Larger DAP

Would a small DAP and a separate amp combo be better than buying one large DAP? (If the total price was the same)
Ex) Cowon Plenue D2 + Chord Mojo vs Sony NW-ZX507

I have personally went with the smartphone + portable dac/amp route and I love it ! The Lotoo Paw S1 is small enough and it also sounds great !

If you really want a DAP, I’d go the ZX507 route though.


Thank you for the advice. I guess a DAP wouldn’t do much other than change the DAC chip I’m using (which according to some people doesn’t matter).

I have recently bought the Cayiin N6ii with the (A01) board installed AK chipset and the I also purchased the extra E01 board with ESS Sabre 9038pro. This whole setup I see as a very big upgrade oner my Pioneer XDP-300r in both build quality and more importantly sound quality. The interchangeable Amp and Dac modules make a very definate difference. Just my opinion of course.


Nice! I guess interchangeable amp modules give the best of both worlds.

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Most definitely. A different sound and different Amping too. I am going at this purely fro. An iem point of view though. I prefer to use my Desktop amps for full size gear.

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Now all I need is $1200…

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Yes that’s the unfortunate thing. It isn’t cheap.


Have had the Lotoo Paw S1 for a few days, and I love it too. It passes the acid test: do I want to pull it out, connect the cables, plug it into my iPhone, fire up the Qobuz or Tidal app and listen? The answer is a resounding YES! I am finding it addictive a perfect solution for the ultra-mobile audiophile, who doesn’t want to carry around a lot of stuff, but who still wants to listen to quality reproduction.


Oh nice, specs look pretty solid too

There is also the mention of the iFi iDSD Micro BL the big-ish brick they sell for around $750. I know @crinacle reviews with his, and the vast majority of the hobbyists and reviewers respect it. I’d wager it’s like the only transportable you’d really need.

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Yes I have one of those for my desktop driving a pair of Focal Stellia. It does a great job for the size and price. The “Swiss Army” version of a DAC/AMP, it is very versatile.