Luxury & Precision W2 DAC/AMP

I just purchased the L&P W2 portable DAC/AMP for an admittedly fairly expensive $299 (relatively cheap vs L&P’s DAPs) and connected it via included lightning connector to my iPhone and then jacked in my Kinera Nannas via the 4.4mm jack. I was absolutely floored streaming Apple Lossless music how good that sounded. At least as good as my A&K or Lotoo DAPs. Simply amazing. I can only recommend that set-up for portable streaming of Apple’s new lossless offerings which cost no more than Apple Music charged for its prior lossy formatted music.


Any idea how the L&P W2 portable DAC/AMP compares with the Lotoo PAW S1 DAC/AMP dongle?

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W2 has nearly double the power of the s1.

The only reason I don’t own the w2 is because it can draw more power than iphones allow. So it will generate that dreaded accessory is drawing too much power message with harder to drive headphones. :frowning:

This is a problem with the iphone, not the w2. On android, this thing would have shot to the top of the list.

I am even thinking about it for laptop use. I love me a cirrus logic 43198 so far. That and the signature’s burr brown have been my favorite sound.

Anyone know of a connector that would allow me to get power separately from data for this?


Thanks. That is really helpful.

It should be noted that the w1 does not have this problem. The difference is only one dac to power instead of 2. But effectively the same amping.

Whether the sonics are different enough to matter, I don’t know. I am thinking about buying w2, w1 and s1 and doing a show down.

Another thing to note: some of these only support firmware updates from windows. This is an issue on the btr5. And I think may be true of l&p as well.