DON'T buy at HiFiGo - they will cheat you

I ordered the Moondrop Blessing 2 at HiFiGo at was just browsering their page afterwards and found the Moondrop S8 at a 40% (ish) discount. So I put that in the cart and sent them an e-mail re cancelling the first order.

I put the S8 in the cart, made an account and when I wanted to pay, the price had jumped from around $300 to $594 :imp:
And at the same time I got an e-mail from them saying:

*Thank you for reaching out. *
we are just changing the price, and S8 is 594, we corrected it just now .

Mistake or not by them, they didn’t want to sell me the S8 at the listed price. If the low price was a mistake I don’t know, but if you list it and customers can put it in their cart at that price, well I am sorry then you can’t just change it back.

So they apparently cheat their customers… I don’t have any other word for that and I for sure can’t recomend anyone buying from them.

But I got a discount code for my next purchase at $5…


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