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I ordered the Moondrop Blessing 2 at HiFiGo at was just browsering their page afterwards and found the Moondrop S8 at a 40% (ish) discount. So I put that in the cart and sent them an e-mail re cancelling the first order.

I put the S8 in the cart, made an account and when I wanted to pay, the price had jumped from around $300 to $594 :imp:
And at the same time I got an e-mail from them saying:

*Thank you for reaching out. *
we are just changing the price, and S8 is 594, we corrected it just now .

Mistake or not by them, they didn’t want to sell me the S8 at the listed price. If the low price was a mistake I don’t know, but if you list it and customers can put it in their cart at that price, well I am sorry then you can’t just change it back.

So they apparently cheat their customers… I don’t have any other word for that and I for sure can’t recomend anyone buying from them.

But I got a discount code for my next purchase at $5…


I’ve had this type of price mistake thing happen at a ton of stores including target, best buy, and other rnajor retailers where they just cancel my order instead of fulfilling it. I have purchased stuff from hifigo but haven’t had this type of issue before. Sorry to hear that.


I understand why they can’t act on every mistake they make, but changing the price while the product is in my cart, before I can check out, that is were I get angry. And their mails to me are just with a “whatever” attitude; no “we made a mistake, but can’t fulfill the order due to…”

It’s the attitude and their indifference that got to me.


Remember, mistakes happen, it sucks, but we need to be understanding about these things.


I did send your comment directly to the owner of hifigo and he’s a forum member here.


In the interest in keeping this thread cordial as advised, I’m going to put this as nicely as I can. Retailers are constantly updating their websites with price changes and other things, and you just happened to view the item during the very short time it took them to update the price back to normal. I think it’s unreasonable of you to believe you are entitled to buy at the bogus price just because you spotted it at just the right moment and put it in your cart. What if the price had temporarily said 1 cent? Still entitled?

It was nice of them to send you an email with the explanation, and they even gave you a $5 discount. I call that good customer service and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them based on your description of the incident.


And a contract/transaction isn’t formed/closed until there is offer and acceptance (usually when the purchase button is clicked).

And unilateral mistakes are generally unenforceable:

Some interesting discussion on doing customers right and guerilla marketing:


I had an amazing buying experience with Zach from ZMF headphones! He’s been an awesome guy from the moment I got his first email reply from a question, right before becoming an owner of some of his work. Both him and Bevin are some of the most fun people there are to be in business with.


I concur! The wait can be long and arduous…but well worth it in the end!


If they overpriced an item by mistake would they be required to refund you the amount once they noticed their mistake or it was brought to their attention? Required by law that is?

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Not superfly, but I don’t believe it would work out that way. Under your scenario, the consumer freely chose to buy a product at a higher price. There likely would be a price match accommodation, or a full refund and return if the seller is unwilling to honor the correct lower price. Those assume within the return or price match window. If outside of that window, then the law does cause a contract to be unenforceable due to mistake in certain instances. Whether the remedy would be a partial refund versus a full refund and return depends on the circumstances and what the parties seek.


No, they wouldn’t be required by law to refund the difference, because at that point payment has been made and you have a fully executed contract. I think they’d be ethically bound to do so, though. It’d be a crummy thing to do if they took advantage of their own mistake.

But that’s different than the case under discussion, as in this case the item is only in the shopping cart and their is no contract (binding agreement). When there’s no contract, there are no rights or duties attached to either party.


I don’t know of anyone who has had a negative experience buying from ZMF, myself included. :grinning:

I’d also like to give a shout out to Audio46, who has a generous return policy, free same day shipping (at least in my case) and prompt customer service communication.

And I bought a wonderful amp from Justin Weber at ampsandsound, who is right up there with ZMF as far as delivering a very high quality product and providing a very engaging experience. When I called him up to discuss which of his amps would be right for me, we ended up talking for 2 hours late on a Friday afternoon, about amps, tubes, music and other stuff. He’s a one man show and builds his amps to order. What I received well exceeded my expectations.


I buy 95% of my audio stuff by supporting local when I can. But I’ve had great experiences with Sweetwater and B&H, Moon-Audio. I have been corresponding with Zach on a purchase of a ZMF headphone and gotten nothing but great advice and prompt responses. Zach will get my business when I can decide on which dynamic model.


I wonder what would be the case had the order been processed and then later found by the seller to be inaccurate. Would the seller have the right to cancel the order or do they honor the order? I have been in this situation where the seller did cancel the order and there is nothing the buyer can do in this case other than to provide feedback. I feel in this case where the purchase was made and money was exchanged the seller should honor the sale and take the loss but that does not always occur.

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I think it’s a civil matter rather than a statutory one, so if the parties didn’t agree on a resolution, there’s always small claims court :grinning:


Can you tell me why it is necessary to have a temporary “bogus” price as you call it?
Is it hard to type the correct price?

I understand mistakes can be made, but the price didn’t seem bogus to me and they did their best to change the prices as it was in my cart. I think you put my reason to act in a bad light and I think you shoudn’t, as you come to this discussion with your opinions already made (it looks like it). Your remark with the 1 cent is bogus, to keep your vucabulary, as we all know the answer to that. I was in good faith and belived to have found a good deal.

But I can say it again:

  1. I didn’t find the price strangefully low (as stated they had other items on sale)
  2. I have stated, that it was more the way I was treated, that actually got me upset

From your first sentences I can tell that you see me as an entitled hack, that wants to take advantage of a mistake. Well… not so much. And why you feel a need to use inflammatory language I don’t understand (the passive aggressive sentences).
I’m fully okay with you not agreeing with me, but attacking me as you do, I really don’t understand.

And now I won’t spend any more time on this matter. I think the most wise said in this case came from DarthPool:


I respect your view and civil response. It’s not for me to reply to your statements, but I wanted to offer that it’s possible that the use of the word entitled was lost in translation. The usage above may have been intended to be the more neutral definition 1 rather than 2 below. Cheers.


I’m glad we found something to agree on :+1:

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