Douk Audio - Nobsound - Little Bear: MC Mini Switcher

I recently purchased a four line passive switcher/splitter for A/B comparisons between amps and headphones:

This is a tiny and inexpensive product ($25). I know it will degrade the sound to some degree, but I’m still able to hear room echoes and air from acoustic instruments so it’s not too bad. I don’t intend to use this for critical listening, but to reduce the tedium, wear-and-tear, and inconsistencies of manual line swaps.

Note that the vendor sells many other variations of this product to serve different needs.

I also purchased several very short (1.6 foot / 0.5 meter) 3.5mm to RCA cables to connect it to multiple amps:

For scale and my current usage, here’s a picture of the switcher next to the cell phone sized FiiO Q5 DAC/Amp. The Q5 is feeding a 3.5mm line out into the bottom of the Little Bear, with three 3.5mm output cables on back. Also for scale, I put an XLR-4 adapter in the background.

The left knob switches between the four output lines, the round black button is a mute toggle, and the right knob is the volume control. The lower right switch is for the volume taper, and it scales for either headphones or speakers.


Beautifully laid out and descriptive impressions. Way to go.



Thanks. After a couple days of use:

  • The knobs are metal, with smooth action and a solid feel.
  • It came with four rubber stick on feet. These are necessary because the corner screws can scratch, but the dog bone shape forces the feet to be placed a little back from the corners. The screw posts float over thin air and might still scratch with sloppy handling. It’s stable but I wish it had true corners or flush screws on bottom.
  • The sound quality is very good. I may leave it in place for some everyday use.