Dunu x Z Reviews SA6 Ultra

This is the official thread to discuss all things to do with the Dunu SA6 Ultra.

HiFiGO was kind enough to send one along for review, here’s their link: DUNU x Z Review SA6 Ultra IEMs Coming — HiFiGo

Here are the measurements done on the GRAS RA0402 coupler:

Showing this relative to the Thieaudio Oracle as it’s much closer to a neutral reference point than Harman IE 2019 (there’s something weird going on with that one and there are good reasons not to use it at this point).

Regardless, my sense of the Dunu SA6 Ultra is that it’s very similar to the original just with a hint of extra upper air above 10khz and also some subtle damping around 4.5khz. In my mind, they’re both great, but it’s nice to see Dunu take the feedback from reviewers that the SA6 could use a bit more air.

Otherwise this is the same relaxed, warm, midrangey delight we’re used to with the original SA6. Those who loved that one will love the Ultra, and those who found it didn’t have enough ear gain in the upper mids at 3khz will probably still prefer the Oracle Mk1. For me… yeah I dig it - especially with the bass toggle on.

Bottom line… well played Zeos. Well played.

Now it’s time to see how this compares to the Symphonium Meteor at around that price, as that one also has quite a bit of hype going on at the moment.


Do you see any improvements in the technical performance from the original SA6 to the Ultra? I was reading someone thought they improved as well.

Not really. Pretty similar. I think a lot of the time it can be tricky to isolate ‘technicalities’ from the tuning result, so maybe they do hear it as improved as a result of more upper air or something.


Maybe worth to update/remove the background in those graphs? They’re showing GRAS 43AG.

RA0402 is the ear sim used in the 43AG


Just confirming what @resolve said is correct :slight_smile:

Well I’ll be able to find out for myself because I ordered a set of matching red ones today!

Look forward to your feedback here :slight_smile:

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Hi @Resolve I just happen to bought the og SA6. Can you share an EQ profile to match the Ultra’s tuning? I did my best by looking at your measurements but it’s nowhere near what you can possibly do :slight_smile: thanks in advance!

Hmm. Kind of discouraging to hear this because Timmy from Gizaudio was quite clear that it had gained a marked improvement in terms of midrange and treble detail, but especially sense of stage and sense of holographic positioning of instruments.

I’m gonna get a great IEM regardless but I was hoping to hear an endorsement of his impressions :sweat_smile:

I’m not familiar with his stuff. But one thing I’ve learned over the course of doing this stuff and chatting with folks at events is that oftentimes it’s difficult to distinguish the intangibles from the tangibles. I wouldn’t deny people’s experiences, but it’s hard to be sure of that stuff. And… in that same vein, it’s hard to be sure of any indication of ‘technicalities’ as they always rely on the subjective aspects. All we can really do is report them. And for those of us who want to be sure of that, it’s worth confirming with a wide range of reports to see what other folks are saying.


Hey @Resolve
Maybe you’ll have a few minutes to pitch in your opinion on my case.
I’m contemplating an upgrade from Blessing 2. I do find it lacking a bit of sub-bass extension as well as quality/texture. I’m also not the biggest fan of it’s upper mids/treble—I find it tad too peaky for my liking. It’s especially evident when I would want to enjoy a track on higher volume, but I can’t due to painful highs.
I’ll add to that that I really enjoy and need the passive sound isolation (I’m happy with what B2 provides) as well as not having a pressure build-up is basically a must.

I’m interested by currently hyped Dunu SA6 Ultra as well as Oracle 2.
Based on your experience and given my preferences - which one would you think best suit me?
And would any of those be a clear upgrade in sound quality?

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Hi Lukas,

Welcome to the community.

I can’t comment on the Oracle 2 fitment because I haven’t tried it yet, but I assure that you’ll be very comfy with the SA6 if the Blessing 2 already fits you well.

It’s a smaller shell vs the Blessing 2 as well.

Hope that helps!

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Hi Sebastien

thank you for the welcome.

Yeah, from what I’ve read—I was already on the assumption that SA6 would be an easy fit, hopefully it also has a good passive noise isolation.

Blessing 2 barely fits me with S size silicone tips and the problem is not the shell, but the nozzle. Basically, it’s a really snug fit—which does not feel super comfortable all the time.

For example—I can wear Tripowin Olinas without feeling them in my ears, but their passive noise isolation doesn’t work for me, they do condensate over time and the sound is a downgrade as well.

Quick update: The SA6 Ultra is nearly sold out. 50 units remain!

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Just need to get mine to ship now. Tired of staring at the “Unfulfilled” status on my order page on HiFiGo for the last few days! I guess it’s because I had to be different and order a completely red set…

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I have this in my cart but I’m torn between going through with this or a moondrop s8, not really sure which to go for lol, but time is ticking it seems

What type of sound are you looking for? SA6 is warmer and more relaxed than the S8.

I think I prefer neutral? Ive been used to a warm iem for a long time but this year I have found that I dont actually prefer a very warm signature so much, my favorite sound out of an iem that Ive ever heard is the inear prophile 8 (dead neutral) which I preferred to the monarch mk2 (didnt really excite or wow me) and the 64 tia trio. I have been using the legacy 3 with crinacle’s eq which looks like it brings the L3 fr close to the S8 (neutral bright I guess?). but I think even if it’s only slightly warm or tastefully warm with a subbass tilt then I wouldnt mind it. just wondering, have you heard the s8/sa6?

all these temperature words lol

Yep. I owned the original SA6 and have heard the S8; the latter was too lean and clinical sounding for me, especially with rock. I quite enjoyed the SA6 and recommend it to anyone looking for something slightly more relaxed than dead neutral; it honestly has just about the perfect amount of ear gain for me.

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