DUNU TALOS Hybrid Planar - In Ear Headphones - Official Thread

Enjoy your first official look at the TALOS - our next released slated to launch at CanJam Socal.

Featuring a customized 14.6mm planar driver and dual customized balanced armatures, the TALOS features a unique hybrid planar set-up. The switch in the back allows for increased response in the treble region, specifically in high and ultra high frequencies, resulting in maximum clarity and speed not obtainable in solo planar driver arrangements. Completing the package will be a host of accessories that you have come to love and respect DUNU for.

The pricing for TALOS is still TBD and we will be able to provide more information on that and finalized release dates by the end of the month. We can’t wait to see what you think and your feedback on the unit in person!


Looks great! To confirm- is the switch basically turning on/off the BA drivers?

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Correct! It turns on and off the BAs.

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Interesting, I imagine the planar-only tuning can’t be bright then but depends on the crossover implemented.

Hope to be able to share more info soon!

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