EL34 Double Halo Tube

Price: 90.00
Currency: USD
Ships to: Conus

I just bought a quad of Siemens (Mullard) EL34 - Quad(s) of XF2(OO) NOS Tubes for my Blue Hawaii SE. As some know these are quite expensive. Part of the deal was a spare tube. It is different , but of the same quality and sound and also expensive.
I bought these from a highly respected member of head fi. It measures near new specs. I’ve enclosed a picture of this tube tested. I know these sell for much more than I am selling for, but since I don’t know much about tube specs, I am selling this low priced. writing on tube is nearly impossible to read, but if Ed says this is specs and measurements, then it is. The box is not original.
This is the note from Ed on head fi:

There you have it. My “New” NOS Siemens (Mullard) EL34 - Quad(s) of XF2(OO) NOS Tubes from Tubeworld measure 0.77 and this spare measures 0.73

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